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Epitalon for increasing longevity

Epitalon, a Life-Extending Serum with Scientific Backing

Epitalion: Description and Mechanism

Epitalon is also called epithalone or epthalon. It is a synthetic tetrapeptide, which means that it’s comprised of four distinct chains of amino acid. Epitalon was first formulated by Prof. Vladimir Khavinson, a Russian scientist. Prof. Khavinson then studied Epitalon for 35 years, conducting numerous medical trials involving both humans and animals. His results were astonishing. He showed in human trials that a substance had finally been discovered which could extend human life and combat the effects of aging.

Epitalon a Life-Extending SerumThe main effect of Epitalon is to boost organic production of a natural bodily enzyme called telomerase. This enzyme aids cellular reproduction of telomeres, those structures which protect parts of the DNA. This helps the DNA to replicate and the body to build new cells and also repair old ones.

Youthful persons naturally produce a high amount of telomerase as well as longer telomeres. The lengthier a telomere strand, the more effective it is at promoting cellular health and reproduction. With aging, the creation of telomerase drops and as a result general health declines as cellular replication falls off. This is the major root cause of aging.

A variety of research has demonstrated the centrality of telomerase creation and telomere extension to counteracting the effects of age. One notable study used 913 twin pairs as subjects. The twin with greater telomerase creation invariably appeared more youthful and enjoyed greater overall health than their respective twin. Another study was conducted with 38 different people aged 100 or higher and it was shown that the healthiest always had relatively long and plentiful telomeres.

Epitalon has been proven to increase telomerase creation which has the effect of producing stronger and longer telomeres. Therefore, Epitalon can be said to contribute directly to the body’s ability to resist the effect of aging.

The pioneering medical research into the important of telomerase creation has shown that, thus far, Epitalon is the sole substance which can boost telomerase creation and therefore the length of telomere stands and thus protect against aging.

Benefits of Epitalon

Epitalon’s unique ability to boost telomerase creation leads to a wide variety of profound effects. They are as follows:

  • extension of human life

  • increased levels of energy

  • naturally deeper and more restful sleep

  • increased resistance and retardation of such age-related disease as dementia, heart disease and cancer

  • More youthful looking skin and body

  • Increased healing and regeneration of muscle

This is a very broad range of powerful effects and there is no space to discuss them all in detail. However, the following account of the research thus far reveals the potential of Epitalon. The major benefit is of course that it lengths the human lifespan.

Epitalon is a Peptide which Fights Cancer

Cancer usually presents as a malignant tumor but Epitalon has been demonstrated to prevent the growth of such tumors, preventing death from this terrible disease.

Epitalon’s anti-cancer effect stems from its ability to block early-stage tumors from occurring. This is due to the linkage between cancer and the pineal gland. This gland produces a hormone known as melatonin, which helps to regulate sleeping times and other bodily functions. Studies have shown that there is an inverse correlation between melatonin production and the growth of cancerous tumors. As Epitalon has also been shown to boost melatonin production, it follows that it can act against cancer formation. Epitalon decalcifies and invigorates the pineal gland so that it creates and secretes more melatonin which has an anti-tumor effect throughout the body.


Epitalon Promotes Deeper Sleep

Epitalon is a PeptideEpitalon will stimulate the pineal gland to produce more melatonin. Melatonin regulates sleep and is available as a supplement to improve sleep. Users of Epitalon often report improved sleeping patterns and deeper slumber. Deep sleep improves the immune system and is also when the body does most of its repair work.


Epitalon has Strong Antioxidant Properties

Epitalon has been proven by research to act as a strong antioxidant, in other words it scavenges free radicals in the system which otherwise damage or destroy cells. The negative effects of free radicals are termed “oxidative stress,” and it is behind numerous diseases related to aging. It should be noted that longevity is inversely correlated to the amount of free radicals present in the body. As Epitalon works to retard and destroy these free radicals, it can do a lot to improve health and extend lifespan. Free radicals are the primary cause of many degenerative diseases, such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, cancer, heart disease, joint or muscle problems, etc.


Epitalon can Increase Longevity

The human body is a product of our DNA and its growth depends on the division of our DNA strands. At the end of each strand is a “cap” known as a telomere. Its role is to stop the strand being damaged and losing genetic information when it divides. Each time cellular division occurs, these telomeres shorten. Eventually telomeres become so short that no further cell division is possible and all rejuvenation or growth in the cell comes to an end. Many medical studies have linked telomere shortening with age-related diseases and short telomeres are also a good predictor of an early death.

This research sheds light on a remedy. The enzyme, telomerase, produced in the body in the natural course of things, is able to reverse telomere damage and shortening. However, production of this enzyme slows down with age. If using Epitalon, the telomerase creation is stimulated. This allows for the telomeres to be lengthened and strengthened and so the cells are renewed and able to continue dividing for longer. This process slows down the death of cells which in turn allows organs and the human body at large to better resist age-related decline and disease.

The preliminary research conducted into Epitalon shows that those who take it increase their lifespan by 25% over those who don’t. These findings have been supported by subsequent studies. One study even showed that Epitalon was capable of extending the lifetime of senile and elderly people by an amazing 50%!

Epitalon for a Healthier and Longer Life

As a result of its stimulation of telomerase creation in the human pineal gland, Epitalon is also able to block the development of cancerous tumors. It also deepens and improves sleep, which helps to repair the body. It also acts against a variety of age-related conditions by scavenging free radicals from the system. Most critically, Epitalon will extend human lifespan. It will visible enhance skin condition and bring relief to painful muscles and joints; a frequent complaint among older people.
Epitalon Promotes Deeper Sleep

Buying Epitalon and Taking the Recommended Dose

Epitalon is a very new drug outside of Russia but it has recently become available for purchase in both capsule and powder form. Capsules allow for the best absorption. You may find Epitalon sold as a supplement under the names “A.G.A.G.” “Epithalon” or “Epitalon.”

For adults, the recommended daily dose is anywhere between one to fifty mg., although the average dose is from two to three mg. It is best taken without food and on an empty stomach. There are no known cases of overdose or side effects arising from Epitalon.


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