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How to get a prescription for adderall - is it possible to buy online?

Regardless of the fact that you're investing time and effort in your life, through good food, regular exercise and quality sleep, you still can't focus the way you used to when you were younger. You start to investigate your symptoms and they all point to a certain fact. You're suffering from ADHD, and it's not getting better anytime soon.
You decide it's time to do something about this, find a healthcare professional and acquire a prescription for one of the few kinds of ADHD medication including adderall.
First step - Inform yourself
adderall proper dosageIt doesn't make sense to ask for a prescription for a condition you know nothing about, so the logical solution to this problem is to acquire quality information about ADHD. This way you can directly speak about this condition's symptoms and relate to real life examples. 
You're already doing this since you're reading this article. Take a look below and see if you can relate...
Every time I'm involved on an assignment I discover that I've wandered off doing something completely unproductive, like checking my Facebook or e-mails.
I need to receive information multiple times in order to properly remember it, just skimming through information doesn't allow it to get ingrained in my memories and is quickly forgotten.
Being calm during class is extremely hard, because I get an urge to do something interesting, like talking to friends, or simply playing a video game on my smart phone.
Achieving success at both class and work is a very tiresome  endeavour. 
Paying attention to detail isn't something that's easy to do.
Procrastination? Lifestyle.
I constantly shift my attention through my ongoing projects, but I never really finish any of them.
Writing down things is the way I remind myself of important things. 
Hopefully I won't lose my job the next time I miss a work-related deadline.
I had better academic results earlier in life, but now I just can't seem to wrap my head around it.
Do you see yourself in the examples presented above?
If yes, maybe it's time to meet with a healthcare professional!

Is it possible to buy Adderall prescription online?

No, it's not. No matter where are you located: USA, UK, Australia - there is no possibility to buy Adderall prescrption online. There is no doctor legally prescribed any medicine for your nees without actual meeting.
Second step - Arrange a meeting with a psychiatrist 
The reason you want to meet with a psychiatrist is that ADHD, akaAttention Deficit Disorder and Hyper Disorder, are mental health conditions. This makes psychiatrists the responsible healthcare professionals able to prescribe medication for these conditions. Because of the increase of ADHD-diagnosed patients in the last few years, doctors have started to refer  patients showing such symptoms to psychiatrists. This way you will save time and go directly to the people that can help you with your condition, capable of prescribing the appropriate medication for you.
Third step - Create a positive image for yourself
Since there are many people willing to abuse the healthcare system, you have to present yourself in a convincing way to your doctor. Make sure you take plenty of time to rest and have a shower before you get to the meeting. It's important that you leave the impression that you care about the process and you're not planning to simply take advantage of the prescription medication.
Fourth step - Communicate honestly with your doctor
Adderall prescription onlineKnowing that you want this medication is actually the first step before you even get here. We've got to remain ethical here. If you want ADHD prescription medicine you're going to feel comfortable talking about it. You should, anyway the reason you have to make sure you want ADHD prescription medicine isn't only to convince your doctor to grant you the prescription... 
For this reason you need to speak honestly and openly, explaining to your doctor that you've thoroughly examined your options, suspected condition and choice of medicine. This will bring about confidence and trust from your doctor, because you're a reasonable, well informed individual and it's highly likely that you're a responsible adult and it's going to help you to live a better life. 
We strongly suggest that you don't mention other health issues, because this may put you in a position where you shouldn't take the medicine for health-related reasons. Make your case up in your head, before you get to meet your doctor and try to pay attention to details.
We strongly suggest that you don't mention other health issues, such as depression, heart conditions, infections, having dangerous thoughts, suicidal tendencies, and even high blood pressure!
It is there because in order to really want something you must have information regarding your chosen direction. Information may reveal surprises to you as well, since ADHD is a pretty strong condition which is completely visible, but contradictory to this, ADHD presents itself in normal, every-day things that affect us, stemming from character traits, bad habits and false beliefs. 
Adderall is a behaviour changing pill. Negative consequences against health have been associated with use of this prescription medicine. Adderall is a strong mixture of chemicals, promptly named amphetamine and "dextro" amphetamine, stimulants which affect the CNS (Central Nervous System).
Through the influence over chemicals in the brain and nerves, that benefit the process in overcoming the ADHD condition, Adderall supports the sufferers of extreme ADHD symptoms.  
Your doctor will want to know whether you've had ADHD your whole life or experienced it's symptoms for a long period of time. Mention that the time has come where it is starting to negatively impede your life. 
This is when you list off the above examples of how ADHD  affects your life.
Long ago I told a psychiatrist that I went e to see him to get prescribed Adderall, because I have ADHD and a friend of mine gave me one of his Adderall which  really helped me. The psychiatrist didn’t blink and prescribed me some on the spot. I’d be careful with this approach nowadays because your psychiatrist may think you are trying to take advantage of the situation and they may not prescribe it to you. Or he may prescribe you some mild ADHD medication that doesn’t work as well.
I've tried them all; Concerta doesn't even come close, while Ritalinl and Vyvanse can almost reach Adderall's level. Not too long ago, I switched my insurance company and had to meet with a new psychiatrist. Instead of saying what I wanted, I did the opposite. Basically just explained which of the usual effects I experienced, and why I didn't like any of them.
 This convinced her to grant me access to the prescription for Adderall .
Worth a reminder;  refer to step one and inform yourself! Being knowledgeable on this topic will show that you care about the condition, which is of value when measuring the amount of confidence the doctor will have towards you and your intentions. 
Proper Dosage
adderall dosageAfter you get your prescription, your doctor will suggest either instant or time release pills. Whatever the form, agree and go with it. Before the period of 30 days has passed, your doctor will contact you for a meeting, where they will gain feedback regarding your reactions and experience with the treatment.
Depending on the nature of said experience, you can basically vote for or against different types of 10mg Adderall pills. 
This is a honesty based relationship, supported by doctor-client confidence. You should simply ask to try different options or already known types of treatment with reassurance of a positive experience.

15 Responses

Pietro Says:

In my opinion; Attention Deficit Disorder and ADHD is a diagnosis we will look back on in 10-20 years with a much different view than is prevalent today. It is over diagnosed and over prescribed for with amphetamine/stimulant type drugs and we are doing our children and young people a serious disservice in many instances.

You should visit a nuerologist or psychiatrist and speak openly about whatever issue you are facing without any embarrassment or shame. These physician’s dedicate their life's work to helping people, including you. They are not interested in placing some moral judgement on you. They will determine how to promote your health and well being but this requires honesty on your part. Your physician needs your honesty to care for you, so give it.

Adderal is only available by prescription in the US and Canada. Taking this narcotic if it is prescribed for someone else is dangerous. This means, don't buy it from a friend, off the street, and so on.

Jen Says:

I am 52 and recently diagnosed (3 years ago) with ADD. My doc started me on Dextrostat which has helped tremendously. I am not embarrassed about it at all and actually give myself free passes when i can't focus. It's much better than listening to those old tapes in my head telling me I'm lazy and stupid.

nzt Says:

If ADD truly has an impact on your life, don’t feel embarrassed to talk to your doctor about your symptoms. If your doctor does give you Modafinil, try it. Maybe it will help you. If not, you can always go back and talk to your doctor about switching to Adderall or a similar medication.

SAD Says:

Amphetamines are unpleasant and have tons of side effects. Exercise works better than pills. i used to take ritalin, concerta and adderall and my adhd improved 100% when I switched to high carb diet and started rigorous exercise program and got off the pills.

John Says:

You need to be born with ADHD, a learning disorder that marginalizes people and leads to life-long learning problems. You have to fail at school in such a manner that you stand out amongst your peers. From this you need to be accurately diagnosed with ADHD, and other learning disorders like dyslexia and dysgraphia. The more learning disorders the more likely you can get Adderall. This is the easy part as for some, like me, it comes natural. From here you are totally dependent upon a Doctor prescribing you the Adderall you seek.

My doctor only prescribed Ritalin, which was ineffective. Due to a history of stimulant abuse, I fell on old habits. This caused so many problems that it would take a book. I ended up leading a dual life, successful and respected by many, and with addiction issues that no one knew about. Skipping along and leaving out years worth of stuff, I hit a spot where my life was meaningless and I was tired of the duality and of hitting rock bottom once too many. It involved a woman and another book long explanation.

I decided to end my life. I consumed 300 flexerill, 150 zoplicone, 150 trazadone, and washed it down with a bottle of wine. I made two errors. I told a former student, and my sister that the time was here. They called the authorities when I didn't return their messages. I spent a few days on life support and a couple of weeks in a coma. When I came to, I had a new doctor who ask why I did this. After a few hours of honest conversation I had a prescription for Adderall.
It was real easy.
I would give anything to know what it means to be normal and not dependent upon radical medications to survive. Lying about ADHD is not as easy as you think, it has to be very detailed oriented, and the test generally has to reviewed and approved by more than one doctor.

Mitch Says:

Depending on who you know, getting a prescription might not be the easiest way to get Adderall. You got to take some tests so they can determine if you had ADD. That takes time.

If you have connections, ask them. People who are into drugs typically know someone who knows people who can get you some Adderall. You pay, they give you the pills, done deal. Is it the best way? No. But it’s the easiest if you know the right people.

Another option is to buy it online. Look at drug related forums like bluelight and drugs-forum to find reliable sources. This is a sketchy path which I don’t recommend since Adderall is a Schedule 1 drug but if you don’t mind taking the risk, it’s an option that you have.

There are other ways to deal with your ADD without taking pills depending on how severe it is. Just look it up on Google.

Mark Says:

Not to get all judgmental, but adderall is amphetamine, which is a controlled substance.

So , if you get it without a prescription you are committing a felony
Legal issues aside, I have to agree with DEA on this one, if the problem is serious enough to consider taking amphetamine, it is worth your time to see a physician to evaluate the risks and benefits
It’s a lot less embarrassing to see a physician than wind up in an emergency room or prison.
Adderall is potentially addictive, even with monitoring by a physician, buying pills makes it even more dangerous.
You should think about what you want. Hopefully, it is the most effective treatment for your add. If that really is adderall, ok. If what you really want is to get high, don’t confuse this with medicine.

Lisa Says:

If you’re in the US, yes, a prescription is the easiest way in the long term. If you get Adderall from a friend, you’re participating in a crime; if you get it from someone who’s selling it under the table, you have no defense against contamination, poor quality, or outright fraud. And you have no assurance that your supply is going to be reliable, either. How’d you like to be staring a final exam in the face, wondering where you’re going to get the medication that keeps you from getting all scatterbrained mid-test? I wouldn’t risk it. Legit is the best way.

Go to your doctor; get a referral to a psychiatrist. If you’re already diagnosed with ADHD, it should be pretty easy; just say you want to try medical options. You may not get Adderall specifically, but because ADHD meds are relatively low-risk and relatively effective, the average psychiatrist will be quite willing to let you try meds for your ADHD. Almost all ADHD meds are stimulants that work a lot like Adderall, so if stimulants are the answer for you, you’ll eventually find one that works. Don’t insist on Adderall specifically; it doesn’t matter which particular stimulant you’re taking so long as one works.

If you’re not diagnosed officially, you’ll have to get an evaluation. That can be anything from talking to your psychiatrist in a structured interview to actually taking a few tests. Without a diagnosis, all you have is your own best guess that you have ADHD, which means that if you’re wrong you won’t get appropriate treatment. So bear with them, get the evaluation, and then talk about medical options.

By the way: If it’s on offer, absolutely take advantage of ADHD coaching. You get a counselor that teaches you how to stay organized, how to best take advantage of the focus your meds give you. Many people with ADHD, especially those who are adults before they get any treatment, have a skills deficit: They never got the chance to learn how to stay organized, because they were never able to concentrate well enough to learn. A coach helps you remedy that. If you can’t get a coach, I recommend you try online ADHD forums and swap tips with other people who also have ADHD; if anyone can tell you what works, it’s somebody with a brain that’s as distractable as your own.

Carrie Says:

Make sure you have your thryoid levels checked before and during and or after going on adderall. Not just the tsh but get the t3 and t4 checked also. After being on adderall for so many years , eventually I became hypothyroidism , which is feeling sluggish and gaining weight that is nearly impossible to lose even if eating healthier and exercise.

Megat Says:

Adderall is legal when possessed with a prescription. But legally, Adderall is not a narcotic. Rather, it is a controlled medication. Adderall is addictive (addicted to Adderall symptoms) and has the potential for abuse when not used according to a doctor's prescription.

According to FDA, ADDERALL XR is a federally controlled substance (CII) because it can be abused or lead to dependence. Keep ADDERALL XR in a safe place to prevent misuse and abuse. Selling or giving away ADDERALL XR may harm others, and is against the law. Therefore, please abide to be regulations regarding this.

You mentioned that you are embarrassed to get the medication but think for yourself , if u dont treat yourself or control the disease then it’s no point of living and having a good life on this planet. Every disease has it’s cure and in this case , u need Adderall, so be no shame on what you are prescribed and eat accordingly.

Charles Says:

go to a college or university and ask students for some. no joke. b aware that adderall is highly addictive, and is one of the most common causes of amphetamine psychosis. in unofficial undocumented taste test challenges badderall xr, 30 mg capsules was rated as potent or more potent than the fictional walter whites blue methamphetamine. one can also simply read the dsm5′s symptom criteria to obtain a diagnosis of adhd and thus a prescription for add is real. before the marketing of badderall, dextroamphetamine, which is what badderall is, was known as dexedrine among other names.

Brady Says:

Let me tell you from personal experience, Adderall is the drug you love to hate. It’s great for the two hours or so that it reaches peak serum concentrations, after that comes the crash and it is awful, really awful. Then comes the tolerance build up that ultimately makes the drug ineffective. You will be luck to get two to three years of effectiveness from it before the tolerance is such that the benefits are null.

I was completely un-medicated throughout my first bachelors degree and at best I was able to sit down and apply myself for max 30 mins. Needless to say my GPA was below average. I am now studying mechanical engineering and I sit for hours and study not because of Adderall but because the subject matter truly interests me and I look forward to the challenge of the material. With all that said the semesters I have done the best in were the ones when my depression medication was tuned in just right.

Any doctor you visit is first going to screen you for signs and symptoms of ADHD and then treat you for depression and or anxiety, if you meet the criteria for a diagnosis. Stimulant treatment is usually not the first line of treatment and that is because ADD shares many symptoms with anxiety and depression. In fact the primary sign you have ADHD is trouble with impulse control not problems focusing. The thing that helped me the most was getting on the right SSRI. Not all depression meds will work for you specifically and it may take a year or so to find the right one. Try not to go the amphetamine route at best it is a short to medium term fix and results in terrible side effects.

I wish you all luck, and in the mean time try caffeine and theanine at 1:2 ratio or a Russian drug called Ladasten.

L Paul Says:

The answer depends on your health insurance, and some other details like whether you’ve ever had a diagnosis for ADHD, how old you are, and where you live, but essentially, you have two options: (1) Go to your primary care physician, explain your symptoms, and ask if s/he would be willing to prescribe you something or refer you to a psychiatrist. (2) Make an appointment directly with a psychiatrist (or psychiatric nurse practitioner) to be evaluated.

If you live in a metropolitan area, it should be simple to make an appointment with a psychiatrist who takes your insurance. If you live in a rural area, it will be much, much more difficult. But if it all possible, I recommend that you seek evaluation / management by someone with a psychiatric specialty rather than a GP.

You shouldn’t be embarrassed — you have nothing to be embarrassed for, and in any event no one sees a psychiatrist who doesn’t need some kind of help.

Assuming the diagnosis is correct, a physician is much more likely to prescribe adderall (or vyvanse, or some other real stimulant that is indicated for ADHD) than modafinil.

Ayoe Says:

The way I got a prescription was when I was having a chat with my doctor and concentration came up. I said I've always had trouble concentrating, and a couple of other things. And I got a prescription.

I really do think I have ADHD(inattentive) but I think my dose was a little too high.

im telling you right now, don't take more than you're prescribed. I say this just in case you want it to have fun too. Yes, it makes you feel good, but God, the crash is so ughhhh. It makes me not wanna take it anymore. This is my experience with 20–30mg instant release.

Also, you will become irritable believe me you will.

Anyway, every doctor is different. Some might give you a prescription easy, like mine did, but others are harder. So i mean if you really want one, there are many stories online of people saying how they got one, what to say etc.

But if I were you, I would stay away from it. I kinda wish I would have never tried it to be honest. There are ways to train yourself to concentrate better, trust me.

Val Says:

I don’t think you all are qualified to say “Modafinil is better” – ADD/ADHD is not a fixed entity and it doesn’t have the same set of symptoms per individual. Individuals don’t have the same personalities either, and they thus don’t have the same coping mechanisms for their symptoms.

Some people who have ADD/ADHD need medication, but some don’t need it because their symptoms are not disruptive enough to justify taking medication that is otherwise harmful in the long run no matter who you are (benefits must outweigh disadvantages). Some people cannot have medication because the side effects make them worse than the ADD/ADHD itself.

Also, I would be interested to know whether you have a proper ADD diagnosis. Being easily distractible and/or having difficulty focusing are not the same as ADD. Stimulants don’t affect people who have brain anomalies the same as they affect people with perfectly formed brains. As well, many a doctor will needlessly diagnose ADD/ADHD just because you can’t keep up with school or work. Do you have a diagnosis? Did the diagnostic process include tests?

Don’t try to get medication to treat a disease you might not even have. And please don’t say X medication is better than Y medication – what works for me might not work for you, and vice versa.

One last thing. It is not up to you to handpick your medication. If it were, all medication would be available without a prescription. We invented doctors so we can have competent people make the choices for us that we don’t have the expertise to make. If your supposed ADD is an issue, ask the doctor to treat it. They might propose something completely different than what you are going for that would be more efficient for you. If you go by your own “preference” without trying what the doctor thinks is best, chances are you will take much longer to find what works best for you (it can literally take years), and you run the risk of messing up both your nervous system and your general health by then through cycling through a variety of medication that are useless and harmful for you as an individual.

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