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Addwize 10 mg by Sun Pharma: uses, dose, side effects, legality

Methyl-Phenidate, can be found under different brand names, but today we will go into detail about a specific one of them. Addwize 10 mg, produced by Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd. in India, it is a prescription drug used for treating ADHD. Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder is a severe mental condition affecting the focus and concentration of sufferers. Addwize alleviates these symptoms through its stimulative effects on the central nervous system, effectively boosting the patient's cognitive capabilities. Due to its high abuse potential, this drug is often found on the list of controlled substances in countries around the world.


What is ADHD?

Like we mentioned before Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a serious condition, often provoking restlessness, inability to concentrate and a difficulty at suppressing impulsive reactions. In children, this disorder often characterizes itself through learning difficulty, inability to socialize, disobedience. During teenage years, people suffering from ADHD often end up abusing different substances and engage in criminal activity, but this can be mitigated if the person received support and attention throughout their childhood and adolescence.


Uses of Addwize This medicine

Addwize doseis very efficient at eliminating the negative symptoms associated with ADHD. The effects from Addwize last about five hours, making it perfectly suitable for a short term relief, but unfortunately once the drug wears off, the symptoms come back to haunt the sufferer. Without the long-term potential to resolve ADHD, Addwize is a good solution only for day-to-day activities, such as work or school. This is why you should only take it right before you start doing your work, to be able to enjoy the increased attention and calm focus.


What are the problems associated with Addwize?

Caution should be practiced especially when administering this drug to children, but adults are not exempt. Commonly, patients using this drug experience significant weight loss, due to the appetite diminishing effects that come along with consumption. This drug may also prevent children's growth and proper development. Most of the time users report nervousness, insomnia, involuntary movement and restlessness. Additionally, they also report stomach pains, dry mouth, nausea, and vomiting. Rarely, this drug can cause a skin rash to occur as well.


What are the serious side effects?

People with naturally high blood pressure should avoid addwize by Sun Pharma, because it may lead to a further increase of pressure in the body, which may entail other more serious side-effects to appear. Severe headache, tinnitus, breathlessness, and chest pains are all valid symptoms that possibly require emergency medical attention. This drug can also cause a severe anaphylactic allergic reaction, which often characterizes with skin hives, chest pains, face edemas or breathlessness. This person requires emergency medical attention. Conversely, some people experience lower blood pressure after taking the drug, often resulting in lightheadedness and fainting for the user. While not dangerous, the person should report to and consult with their doctor about this condition. Other symptoms requiring the user to report to their doctor is the onset of arrhythmia, tremors, restlessness, as well as unnaturally elevated mood, abnormal perception, as well as any other abnormal behavior. All in all, there are many things that this drug can cause, and users need to be sure they understand the consequences that come along with taking this medicine.


What your doctor needs to know before prescribing Addwize 10 mg

Here are some of the things that you can expect to be asked if you go into your doctor's office looking for a prescription. This drug is highly dangerous if taken by people with certain conditions, such as:

  • Heart diseases
  • Kidney diseases
  • Liver conditions
  • Epilepsy
  • Tic disorders
  • Tourette Syndrome

If you have any problems with your heart, kidney and liver in particular, your doctor will be hesitant to provide you with a prescription due to the dangers that can occur through the use of this drug.


Tolerance and addiction potential

After checking out as a suitable taker for this addwize 10 mg, it is pretty safe when used according to the prescription. Usually prescribed to be used over an extended period of time, multiple days in a row. Tolerance to its effects does develop over the course of time, especially with regular usage. Instead of increasing the dose amounts, users are advised to stop taking the drug for a period of one to two weeks. After two weeks, tolerance is back to baseline. Methyl-Phenidate has cross-tolerance with other dopeminergic stimulants, so your doctor needs to know if you've taken other stimulants in the past two weeks, and it probably going to ask you about it. Chronic use of Addwize by Sun Pharma can lead to a potential addiction. Using this drug too often is grounds for substance abuse, and can cause psychological dependence for users. Once this addiction has been developed, seek medical help. Cravings and various withdrawal effects such as depression can occur if you immediately stop using the drug.


Addwize dose

Uses of Addwize This medicineFollowing your prescription doses and instructions, you will notice that the doses are generally low, therefore the onset of dependence is controlled and maintained by sheer protocol. It is up to the user of the medication to not abuse it, as well as the doctor to provide a systematic and routine interest into the habits of the patient. Following these habits, the intake method of Addwize closely correlates to the potential for abuse of this substance. If taken in a different method than what is prescribed and through any other method then orally, this potential for abuse is increased. Methyl-Phenidate (Addwize 10 mg by Sun Pharma) is not a recreational drug, although people use it recreationally, using either intranasal or intravenous methods to administer it. Recommended dose for narcolepsy in adults: 5–20 mg twice or three times a day. While taking his/her dose patient need to wait for 35–50 minutes before meals. 2) For ADHD in children: The initial recommended dosage is 5mg/day.


Psychosis potential

Following through on your short-term therapy is paramount when it comes to taking Addwize, as it has been established through clinical trials that this drug is safe to use for a limited amount of time. Longer periods of using Addwize 10 can induce a psychosis state, often presenting itself through suicidal thoughts, anxiety, mania, delusions of grandeur, vocal and visual hallucinations, irritability and nervousness. Following though on your therapy is important because of the well-tested doses, medical support and well-defined period of intake, which serves only to protect you.


Dangerous interactions

Most drugs available on the market are perfectly safe when taken on their own, but when you introduce additional medicines, things get a little bit tricky. There are some extremely dangerous combinations, which can lead to death. Sun Pharma Addwize is one of these drugs that when mixed with other specific drugs, can generate severely negative side-effects and potentially place a person in a life-threatening position. Experimenting with this drug is not recommended, since there could be additional combinations that are dangerous, so this following list is by no means exhaustive. 25x-NBOMe - These stimulants have a negative synergistic effect when combined with Addwize. Symptoms include: Increased blood pressure, Thought loops, Increased heart rate, and rarely Heart Failure. Alcohol - Generally considered common sense that you shouldn't mix alcohol with any medicine. When combined with stimulants people tend not to realize just how intoxicated they are, which causes severe cognitive changes when the stimulant wears off. DXM - Combination with this cough-syrup medicine can lead to an increase in heart rate and blood pressure Tramadol - Combining this depressant with Addwize is a combination that can increase the chance for experiencing a seizure. MXE - Produces an increase in heart rate and blood pressure. MDMA - Can enable the natural neurotoxic properties of MDMA to inflict more neural damage. MAOIs - This combination can lead to extremely high levels of dopamine neurotransmitters, possibly even lethal. Cocaine - Increases heart strain, effectively raises the chance of stroke.


Different countries around the world have varying degrees of control over Addwize. Internationally it's recognized as a Schedule II drug, decided on a Convention on Psychotropic Substances. Countries around the world have different Schedules and Classes for substances, so let's go over what we already know:

  • USA: Addwize 10 mg is a Schedule II substance, with recognized medical usage, but also with a high potential for abuse. One can buy adddwize via sacript only.
  • UK: Addwize is a "Class B" substance, which means that both buying and supplying without a prescription/permit is punishable by law with both jail time and fines.
  • Canada: Addwize by Sun Pharma is a Schedule III, together in the same category with LSD, psilocybin mushrooms and mescaline, making it illegal for buying without a prescription.
  • New Zealand: Addwize is a "Class B2" substance, with possession charges leading to a six-month jail time, and illegal distribution punishable with up to 14 years in prison.
  • Australia: Addwize is a "Schedule 8" substance, which means that both possession and distribution is punishable by law, with fines or prison time.
  • Sweden: Addwize 10 mg is considered a "List II" substance with a recognized medical use. Regardless, possession without a prescription is punishable by law through fines and as much as three years in prison.

As you can see, Addwize is a highly controlled substance and for a very good reason. Abuse of this substance can cause death or severe consequences to the users, so the authorities are doing everything in their power to keep it contained, while making it available for people that really need it.

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