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Bromantane: uses, side effects, reviews


Discovery of BromantaneUsually being considered to render users unstable, eliciting a series of different side effects, stimulants have developed a rather negative reputation, regardless of their intended use. The reason for this is the large number of unwanted side effects such as hypersensitivity, body tension, anxiety and the innate ability for people to over-dose and significantly damage themselves by using stimulants. Some of these substances are getting the rare positive treatment by the nootropic community, because of the additional positive, or reduced negative effects of specific substances.

One substance is enjoying a rather positive status in the community, namely Bromantane. The reason for this chemical to be gracefully accepted is the dual nature of the drug, it promotes both stimulant and anixolytic effects in the body. Surprisingly this makes Bromantane a member of a class of medicine called actoprotectors, which we will examine in details below. Bromantane is a product coming from pharmaceutical Russia.


Discovery of Bromantane

Research into petroleum solutions resulted in the discovery of adamantane in the year 1993. This caused a whole new chemistry field to be dedicated into the research of polyhedral organic compounds, and furthermore its synthesis. Bromantane is known by its branded name Ladasten (Ладастен) in Russia or its chemical name (ofadamantylbromphenylamine) internationally. Accidentally discovered through research trials for an anti-viral solution to heal influenza. Amantadine, was extensively researched as a possible treatment to viruses, due to its natural antiviral capabilities. Through this research, it was also discovered that both adamantine derivatives and adamantine had an effect over the dopamine receptors and they were promptly classified as stimulants. In the past this drug was utilized for treatment of Parkinson's during its early stages.


Chemical structure of Bromantane

Promptly after the discovery of these unique properties that adamantine had, research was heavily funded to support the development of pharmaceutical solutions from this chemical. As a result, the Russian Academy of Medical Science, created bromantane as a derivative of adamantine. In the 1980s bromantane is marketed as a stimulant drug on the pharmaceutical markets in the country.


Instead of being classed as a stimulant, bromantane is actually considered an actoprotector, which means that it's a drug that improves the stability of the body against physical workload, without increasing the energy expenditure of the body. In scientific reality, Actoprotectors are considered to be synthetically created adaptogens, which host the ability to significantly increase the capacity for physical performance by individuals.

Theoretically, actoprotectors maintain an extensive advantage over pure stimulants, mainly because of the fact that there is no energy crash associated with their use, completely opposite of stimulants like Adderall. It is often claimed that Bromantane offers a smoother experience for its users, but these claims are far from facts and are rather suspicious. The reason for this is the uniformity of origin for research associated with this drug, which is solely based on Russian researchers, which would be alright except for the fact that the created documentation isn't translated into any other language.

Bemitil is another substance classed as an actoprotector coming from Russia. It was used in the `90s to boost performance and provide relief from physical fatigue to soldiers and cosmonauts. Bromantane was used for the same purpose, although said use wasn't as common as Bemitil. The purpose was to boost recovery times of soldiers after heavy physical workloads and get them back into action as soon as possible. Thus the military stopped using Bromantane, but it was quickly picked up by other areas, especially sports and medicine. Up until 1996 Bromantane was legal for use during sport events, but after 5 Russian athletes showed positive results on a doping test, during the Summer Olympics, it was completely banned within Russia. Since then the only use for it has been found in pure medicinal fields where it has shown to provide relief with muscle injuries and exaustion.

Mechanism of Action 

The mechanism of action for these substances isn't on the same level of understanding, when compared to other similar substances in the nootropic category. It would be unfair to say that nothing has been discovered. Today we know that these substances (Bromantane and Bemitil) express two external characteristics. Their chemical influence over the human organism results in stimulating dopamine and serotonin, but at the same time the drugs are placed in a category of low addiction potential. This seems controversial at least, but it correlates to the fact that these substances act like stimulants, anxiolytics and adaptogens.
A clinical study for Bromantane resulted in research pointing out that the tolerance threshold is very low, allowing patients to benefit from the drug with regular usage. The study was conducted on rats, where they gave them 68 times as much as the regular prescription dose. The only negative side effect that the scientists observed was the increased activation of proteins involving the binding activities of DNA. According to other research, these proteins have a correlation with Alzheimer's disease and with their increased activity lead the organism towards the disease's development.
This can be used as cherry-picked information against Bromantane, but keep in mind that the dose given to rats in the study was enormous, when compared to a regular dose.
Where is Bromantane used?
Side Effects of BromantaneThe nootropic community has risen in numbers in the past few years, so Bromantane's increased popularity within the community has enjoyed more and more attention. Additional reasons for the increase in popularity are that Bromantane isn't addictive and that it's easily utilized as a tool to combat mental fatigue, which appeals to those interested in nootropics.
Aside from the community, the drug is employed to treat neurasthenia, a medical condition with a variety of different symptoms including exaustion, depression, neurosis, and curiously, anhedonia. Anhedonia is the inability to feel pleasure. Bromantane supposedly fixes that, since it's regularly used to treat these patients in the country of its birth, Russia.
The prescribed treatments include doses ranging from 50mg to 100mg of Bromantane, once daily.
Side Effects of Bromantane
It has been shown that through its effects as a stimulant it improves concentration, attention and improves general cognition. Beyond these nootropic interests, it also improves stress endurance, both physically and mentally through its role as an adaptogen, thereby promoting stabilization and homeostasis of the organism.
Besides the negative effect correlating to an extreme dose of Bromantane, leading to the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's Disease, there haven't been any other established negative side effects. In my opinion the only negative thing that is concerning is the minimal amount of significant research for Bromantane.
Bromantane has low addiction potential, but also minimal toxicity when compared to other stimulants. 
We've gathered some personal experiences from Reddit, where users shared their experiences with the public. These experiences are prone to scrutiny and should be understood simply as a reference point, since they represent the user's personal experience and as such it is different from person to person.
Reddit user "Nootrophic" explained in his report that he has been taking 100mg Bromantane daily for a full month, without experiencing negative side effects. He further explained that he felt an improvement in stamina, confidence and personal motivation. According to him, he was also taking a wide variety of other nootropics without experiencing issues.
"SocialT" presented his report explaining that he took 50mg Bromantane and had a great experience. He felt calm, motivated and an euphorically happy mood was following him throughout the day. Furthermore he felt completely awake and felt extremely sociable, which led to a three hour long conversation with a co-worker that he never spoke to before. He explained that drinking coffee enhanced the effects of Bromantane for him, and ended the report claiming that he was left with a foggy mental state after the drug wore off.
"drejp" explained in his report a feeling of "total bliss" for the duration of the two weeks that he was using Bromantane. He said that his depression has been lifted and reported an increase in both physical and mental energy, as well as an increase in libido. Generally a positive experience, until he started to experience some negative side-effects, a headache and what he reports as brain fog, further explaining that he had a difficult time thinking clearly and he felt generally confused about everything.
"somebodybettercomes" presented a report where he explains that taking Bromantane doesn't feel like a stimulant for him, since he tried it an hour before he went to sleep and he slept just fine. He's reporting that it's been a month since he started taking Bromantane, usually taking 100mgs, which provided him with increased levels of motivation and a boost to his mood. His anxiety lowered to minimum and he expressed belief that the drug helped him increase his ability to focus for extended periods of time.
 Bromantane Mechanism of Action
There isn't a lot of scientific data supporting or denying Bromantane as a viable nootropic. It has demonstrated both stimulative and adaptogenic properties, which means that it both improves the performance and it protects against stress. As we saw in the personal experiences detailed above, some users feel negative effects during come-down or within the duration, but others haven't reported any negative side effects. It's up to you to decide if Bromantane is a substance that you would like to experience or not, but it stands to reason that it helps improve moods and alleviate depression. Due to the lack of significant research it seems that the best option for people considering to take this substance is to obtain a sample and see if it works for you.

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I have some Bromantane powder, but no guidsnce how to measure. I know 50mg is starting dose but I don't have a scale that measures such a small dose, tried to buy one but couldn't find one. I also haven't found anyone or anywhere that says how?? Under tongue, on tongue, mix with liquid??

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