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Is it safe to buy generic modafinil over the counter ?


It’s become commonplace for pharmaceutical manufacturers to create their own brands of generic Modafinil. All these different versions are largely identical barring minor or cosmetic differences.
Any unique drug formula may only remain under patent for a limited time. Following expiry, anyone may use the formula to create pharmaceuticals. Modafinil, the original branded wakefulness drug, has enjoyed success in the market so many companies are competing to produce its generic version. These companies compete by targeting specific demographics and markets but despite such differences, the chemical composition of their drugs is extremely similar.
The process of producing a generic drug can be likened to following a recipe, let’s say a recipe for cookies. The pioneering company researches the recipe and brings the originally-branded cookies to market. The recipe is now public, in the form of a patent. This prevents other companies using the recipe, whether they copy it or discover it themselves. Once the patent expires, anyone can use the recipe. Drug agencies like the FDA do regulate the new products however, to ensure that they match the original formula. To return to the cookie example, if the original cookies were Chocolate Mint Oat-bran cookies, the generic versions must have the same taste and texture.
What is the difference between brand and generic modafinil?
Where generics are able to deviate from the original recipe is in the quality of their ingredients. For example, if the original cookie maker used freshly-picked mint leaves from America, the generic producer could use powdered mint from China. The cookies will taste very similar, to the point that most people couldn’t tell the difference between them, but the generic version will likely be significantly cheaper.
Generics also come in different packages and are marketed under different names. Original brand Provigil and generic Modafinil / Modalert are designed differently but modalert is not advertised on the TV , one can fimd information about Modalert by googling “generic modafinil” This is another area in which generics can save money. Rather than paying a marketing agency to name their product and using fancy packaging, generic manufacturers can invent a name themselves and use simpler, cheaper wrapping.
These differences, as well as labor and other production costs in the country of manufacture, partly explain why generics are so much cheaper. The other factor is that generic manufacturers do not have the same costs to recoup as the original makers, who had to pay experts to develop, test and market their original drug. So despite the lower price tag, you can be assured of an equally - or almost equally - effective product when buying any generic.
However If one compare brand provigil and generic modafinil (modalert) versions he won't find any difference in the packaging quality. From now on generic modafinil manufactures are still keeping the best price but also build better designed packages well packed and performed.
Are over-the-counter generics like modafinil effective?
Despite the above facts, generics are not without controversy. Some users claim them to be more or less effective than the original branded products. Is there any truth to this? Well, it is possible that some generics contain a different concentration of a drug’s active ingredient(s). However, in such cases, there would be consensus on which generics are either stronger or weaker. As this is seldom the case, the difference of opinion can be largely ascribed to the placebo effect as it applies to brand names. For example generic modafinil overt the counter version named Modalert contains the same % of active ingredient as original Provigil brand.
The placebo effect is a well-known and statistically-proven psychological effect whereby beliefs associated with a medication (or treatment) influence its efficacy. Pharma firms invest heavily in marketing, often with this effect as a focus. No company would release a sleeping pill called “Hyper Energy Burst,” after all. Price also factors into the placebo effect. A high cost implies greater quality and efficacy, although as generics show, such a belief is not founded in pharmaceutical fact. Packaging and even the appearance of the drug itself also plays a role in how it’s perceived - and ultimately those perceptions play into the drug’s effectiveness
Over the counter generic modafinil safety. Can you buy it?
Placebo effect aside, the most important factor to consider when buying a generic is its safety. Has it passed clinical trials, received regulatory approval and been well-reviewed by users? The first two factors are often hard to gauge when it comes to drugs produced in countries with less rigorous testing regimes. Certain Indian, Chinese and Mexican laboratories are notorious for producing sub-standard medications. To ensure you get a quality generic over the counter version of Modafinil, stick to India generic versions. The most popular generic modafinil (Provigil) brands are Modalert by Sun Pharma, Modvigil by Hab Pharma, Modafil by Intas, Modafresh by Sunrise, Modapro by Cipla, Modaheal by Healing Pharma. These products are available at online stores and many people who have a script buy otc modafinil online. The top selling brand is Modalert, the generic version which has been through extensive testing to ensure that it matches the original branded product in composition and effect. Not only is Modafinil reliably safe, it also has a higher packaging standard than competing generics.

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