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Diclazepam vs clonazolam vs flubromazelam

What is the difference between Diclazepam, clonazolam, flubromazelam?
These benzodiazepine designer drugs contain the five classic properties that differentiate benzos, they are sedative, hypnotic, anxiolytic, anticonvulsant and muscle relaxants.
In simple terms, this means that they will help you relax, diminish your stress and worries and if you are having a seizure, they will most certainly help you.
This is true in theory, but the reality is that these drugs have been made by unknown chemists, in an unidentifiable location, without any sort of quality control. Regardless of the fact that they are structurally similar to safe alternatives, none of them have been tested for either safety or efficacy in humans. An added risk is the fact that you are unable to test the powders of pellets being sold as research chemicals, without the use of expensive specialized equipment. Be careful, and if possible simply avoid using research chemicals at all. 
These research Benzodiazepines are just as addictive and dangerous as the authentic and proven alternative. They slow down your body and your heart rate, your breathing becomes shallower, all in all it's not a drug to be used haphazardly. Most overdoses on benzos end in death, usually because an important organ stopped working. 

Diclazepam vs clonazolam vs flubromazelam
Diclazepam has been studied for a short period of time, long enough for us to know how dangerous it really is. It is an analogue of Valium, with an added chlorine molecule to it. This supposedly makes it about ten times stronger than the original, which means that a minimal dose is required (1-2mg). It takes a while to get activated because it needs to metabolize, often taking half an hour or more for the relaxing feelings to appear. However strong your urge to redose with this substance, simply don't do it!
The effects last up to 42 hours, so if you don't feel like sleeping for a week and going into a coma, just be patient and wait. You already took enough for almost two days. 
Clonazolam is a clonazepam analog substance. It has a triazole ring added to its structure. Made to enhance the potency of clonazepam and it certainly has succeeded, at the cost of duration length. There are dangers with this one too. The average dose being 500 µg makes it really difficult to measure out this weight, especially if your product is in powder form. 
Users report that the strength feels like etizolam. Because it's stronger, the tolerance for it grows rapidly, but be careful because it is still extremely sedating. While initially offering euphoria, it quickly turns around and puts you to sleep.
Flobromazolam, is an analogue of flubromazepam. This one is stronger than diclazepam, with doses being 250µg on average. Extremely sedating and it takes up to an hour for it to fully activate, but by then you're probably sleeping already. It lasts quite a while, and people have described as a "Pan Am Flight 151" happening in your brain. Taking a larger dose will inevitably ruin your day, as you will be knocked out for at least 12 hours.
Research chemicals keep appearing on the shelves and it's most likely because people are buying them. Since the chemicals are not sold with the intent for human consumption this legal sector is a new gray area. This opens up the possibility of people abusing this system that is created for scientists to share chemical discoveries into a drug-dealing business. The problem is apparent, when you become aware that these drugs are not meant for human consumption and could be dangerous and potentially fatal for you. 
But then again, who's going to write all of those Erowid reviews? 

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