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Flmodafinil vs Modafinil: dosage, side effects, reviews, experience

Flmodafinil vs Modafinil

Flmodafinil is the latest and more powerful nootropic wakefulness agent available. It’s a double-flouro Modafinil derivate; meaning it’s a lot more powerful as it is rapidly enters the circulatory system once ingested or injected. It is up to 4x more effective than standard Modafinil and up to 20x more efficient compared to Adrafinil.

Using Flmodafinil

Flmodafinil is taken orally as either a tablet or capsule. The tablet may be easily dissolved in water and drunk without any diminished effect. The drug will soon become active in your system and start boosting your alertness. If it’s your first time using the drug it is recommended that you take a minimal dose, such as half the recommended dosage. You may then safely build up to the full dose provided no unwanted side effects occur.

It’s recommended that experienced users take 100 mg. per day, half in the morning and the other half in the evening. Adults should not exceed a dose of 200 mg. If taking more than this maximum dosage, adverse reactions are likely to occur.

Flmodafinil’s History

This drug doesn’t have a long history as it’s relatively new. It’s a lot stronger than the previous generation of nootropics, however it’s long-term effects, both positive and negative, are not well-known at this stage. The drug is being researched in the treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease. The precursor to Flmodafinil, the first Nootropic, was invented back in the early 70’s when a French pharmaceutical firm patented a wakefulness agent.

Flmodafinil and Concentration

For anyone who suffers from brain fog and concentration issues, Flmodafinil is extremely helpful. Users report experiencing exceptional mental clarity and greater focus. The way in which the drug enhances brain activity can be extremely helpful to sufferers of ADHD

Flmodafinil’s Duration

At the maximum recommended adult dose of 200 mg. users report the effects lasting between seven and eight hours. This is significantly shorter than similar nootropics, which can last up to sixteen hours. At lower dosages, users are either unaffected if they are non-responsive or experience a full twenty four hours of strong effect if they are hyper-sensitive. Those who are sensitive to the drug should use it sparingly otherwise they may disrupt their sleep cycle.

Sid Effects

The most common side of Flmodafinil is insomnia. If the user is sensitive to the effect, takes too strong a dosage or takes their regular dosage too late in the day, it is expected that they will be unable to fall asleep at their accustomed hour. Flmodafinil may also cause agitation or excessive nervous energy, which does not lead to bodily fatigue for many hours.

Flmodafinil Dosage

Whether consumed as a tablet or capsule, the maximum dosage of 200 mg. should never be exceeded. The more commonly recommended dosage is 100 mg. This should be halved to 50 mg. for first-time users, until they become accustomed to the drug’s effects at which point they may ramp up their dosage.

Many factors should be considered when determining the correct dose, such as age, fitness and weight. The drug can be expected to “kick in” within five minutes of being administered, which is a lot faster than similar nootropic wakefulness agents, such as Adrafinil.

Flmodafinil should be kept within its sealed packet in an environment which is dark and cool. If stored properly, the drug will not degrade for a minimum of two years.

Flmodafinil Benefits

Flmodafinil generally prefer it to Adrafinil as a result of the following benefits:

  • Improved learning and recall abilities, useful in general and particularly for students.

  • Increased brain activity, helpful in all situations calling for mental performance.

  • Greater level of motivation and focus.

  • Extremely useful in managing sleep disorders. The drug is very helpful for the regulation of orderly sleeping rhythms, which is a key aspect of mental of physical health.

  • Very useful to those working night shifts or needing to stay awake beyond their usual hours of wakefulness.

  • Helps the brain in problem-solving activities.

  • Protective of the brain against physical or chemical damage.

  • Very helpful to individuals suffering from ADHD or similar attention-related conditions. It greatly improves concentration in such people.

  • Flmodafinil can be helpful in the treatment of minor depression. Some users have reported the restoration of regular mood.

Regular, Prolonged Use of Flmodafinil

Using Flmodafinil over the long term may lead to the following effects:

  • Improved memory. The neurotransmitters which control memory are stimulated. However, this may lead to impaired memory when not using the drug.

  • It is possible that regular sleep function will be disrupted, leading to insomnia.

  • Certain users may experience neurological problems, based on their individual neurochemistry’s interaction with the drug.

  • Some users may experience anxiety.

Isolated Use of Flmodafinil

One should experience very little in the way of side effects if using Flmodafinil only as needed at the recommended dose. However, certain side effects can arise in sensitive individuals, such as:

  • forgetfulness or mild confusion,

  • discomfort in the stomach,

  • headache,

  • blood vessel constriction (vasoconstriction),

  • hyperactivity.

The Subjective Experience of Flmodafinil

If taken at the recommended strength, the likely result is feeling mentally alert and focused. You will probably experience this more intensely than with previous nootropics. You won’t experience cotton-mouth nor anxiety; as sometimes happens with Modafinil. The drug’s effects are more profound and enduring than caffeine.

Flmodafinil will boost appetite and also jumpstart your metabolism. This gives you the energy necessary to plow through a big assignment or what have you. You’ll find your awareness enhanced about an hour after the taking the pill. You’ll then stay steadily on track with whatever task you perform over the next seven or eight hours and probably won’t need to take many breaks, if any at all.


Flmodafinil’s Neurological Effects

Flmodafinil was initially used in treating brain disorders such as ADHD, dysfunctional thinking, perception and behavior. The drug is known to balance orexin, a type of hypothalamic neuropeptide involved in regulating attention. Research has shown that Flmodafinil influences certain neurotransmitters, such as hypocretin, histamine and glutamate. It appears the drug inhibits dopamine transport leading to increased levels of dopamine in the brain.

The brain is stimulated by Flmodafinil such that more creative thinking is possible. Users may adapt to novel circumstances more quickly and easily. Their thinking process may also be improved. These effects are expected at the regular dose. Coordination between brain hemispheres, particularly in the cerebrum, is enhanced. This greater communication between brain halves supports greater focus, enhanced memory and boosts reasoning abilities.

Legality of Flmodafinil in the USA

Flmodafinil is classed as a controlled substance and so a prescription is required for it.

Pros and Cons of Flmodafinil

All drugs have desirable effects as well as side effects. Using Flmodafinil properly should ensure negative effects are kept to a minimum and positive effects are maximized. It is best to take the drug only as needed; it should not be relied upon as tolerance can build up and effects of prolonged usage may be harmful.

The human body tends to adapt to drugs on both a psychological and physiological level. This process may take time, so one should be patient when introducing new substances. If trying to force the body into new routines with chemical help, it is best not to change your routine too drastically or you may experience health issues as a result.

Flmodafinil vs modafinil user reviews


“I’ve used Flmodafinil several times. I took a lot of Modafinil, mostly Modalert. I reviewed those too and got some flmoda for my trouble. I was using moda heavily at the time and began introducing flmoda as a replacement. I was probably taking a few hundred mg. per day. I’d developed tolerance to moda by then so when I began the flmoda it was very apparent. I enjoyed the flmoda experience. It’s a lot like regular moda but gave me some mild euphoria and even better focus and productivity. Better work performance is the whole reason I like nooptropics.

The next time I tried flmoda was a few months later. It wasn’t as amazing as the first batch I took. It felt more like my regular moda. After further experience with it, I’ll say that’s it’s definitely good but not a huge improvement over regular modafinil.”


I’ve been using armoda but flmodafinil at the same dosage had a more noticeable effect. When I took armoda in the afternoon it made me restless at night and gave me strange dreams. I had no such issues with Flmodafinil. I was able to take it and sleep four hours later. Regular modafinil I have yet to try. Compared to armoda, flmoda has a quicker onset and a sharper peak. It’s more like a traditional stimulant in that way.

I would certainly recommend flmoda as a stim, particularly in combation with (N)DRA. moda is perhaps a minor DRI. I found it had good synergy with 4-PMPD. This combo gave me the classic stimulant experience that I’d been seeking.

A couple of hours prior to writing this, I consumed 150 mg. of flmoda. I have been on Adderall for about fourteen years, ever since I was sixteen. Flmoda is pretty similar in its effects only without the initial tweaky rush. I’m deciding between taking the full 200 mg. dose of flmoda or staying at 150 mg.

I’m now writing this the next day. I couldn’t sleep at night and was up all night. I took 200 mg. of flmoda this morning and fell asleep an hour later, which is interesting. I felt mentally alert but still fell asleep.

10 Responses

Carlos P Says:

Thanks for this information!!
It is helpful to me.

sk Says:

So today I received and tried out CRL-40,941 - aka "Fladrafinil" but I'd rather call it "Flourafinil". Basically Modafinil judging from the feel. I thought I'd share my experience. Anyone else tried it?
Started this morning by getting out of bed opening my mail. Oh a package from the lab, 200mg down the hatch together with some coffee. After about 30 minutes I noticed 'something' while sitting down responding to e-mails. I have done lots of stimulants in the past, so I could categorize the feeling into being very mildly stimulated. Body temperature went up, hunger went down and I have been laser focused all day. However I think a problem is my old substance abuse, it felt like my brain started looking for "something more" if anyone know what I mean? A little bit of dissatisfaction. Anyway, energy and focus has been 100% from morning to afternoon, never a "ah shit I'll do it later" but it's been all just-do-it. I can see this substance work wonders for most people. Personally, I will avoid it but that is only because that missing-something feel coming from my brain wanting to get a kick.
I'm a entrepreneur at heart so my "work" is rather chaotic. I switch between my music business producing stuff and e-mailing clients, coding a bit on my new nootropics shop, do some accounting whilst watching Star Trek, lay down a bit from too much nicotine. I've got ADD. SO! I can only write a messy report like this :)

NR Says:

I'm a girl, so probably need less anyway, but I take 25mg for the odd weekday boost for no special reason and can still sleep well. Have taken 50mg before, but that makes my twiddly, hard to sit down.

Bobby Says:

I think flo-modafinil is good.
It's been well over a year since i've touched moda analogues.
I know that there is an insanely fast tolerance build up & i've never actually heard of consistently good experiences with hydrafinil but flo is great if you only use it 1 or 2 times a week.

Peter Says:

It's not bad. I actually prefer Hydrafinil, Flmodafinil made me really euphoric and felt speedy, gotta crash from it tho. Hydrafinil seemed cleaner

JoseB Says:

Well from what I see it isn't cheaper. Just under 100 bucks for about 50 to 60 doses (at 200mg) and I can get 100 modafinil for less then 100 bucks, depending on brand. I'm still super curious about this one though.

Most report a regular dose is between 150 and 200mg, what us your preferred dose

DF Says:

I was taking 1.5 modafinil pills at a time. I take 60-80 mgs of flmoda now. So, yeah it's cheaper. I bought 5 grams a few months back and I'm not even close to halfway done.

Eaj Says:

it is likely the only finil that will work for me because my liver genetics make me a very slow metaboliser of the others and I need 3 times the dose to notice anything.
However, the CRL i salready active post liver metabolism so no problem

Brian Says:

I took it before a counselor meeting because I had been up all night. Took about 150mg it made me manicy and share shit I normally wouldn't share. Pretty sure she thought I was on a harder drug or something because the next time I went into see my psyciatrist which my counselor takes notes for I was hit with a drug test.

bridge Says:

i don’t know about this entire site, because i’m scared to check, but this entire article is absolutely full of misinformation and it’s disgusting at best and dangerous at worst.

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