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Is whyphy drug for real?


Is whyphy drug for real?


Pretty strange name for a smart drug. A made up smart drug from the movie 22 Jumpstreet. WHYPHY drug stands for Work Hard Yes Play Hard Yes. An Adderall mixed with ecstasy and anything else. A deadly concoction made to make you overdrive. When you take it you’ll be laser focus and you can party like there’s no tomorrow. Remember how Kesha loves to party with unicorns? Exactly that effect. You’ll be hallucinating yet very focused. The perfect drug for the party people who loves and who wants to do great in school. But is this whyphy drug for real?


Adderall is a well known drug to treat people with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder aka ADHD. This is also used to improve cognition and performance. Not only it is one of the “go-to” smart drugs, it can also heighten your sexual desires or give you that feel good vibes. No wonder the fictional smart drug “WHYPHY” used it as one of the main ingredients along with ecstasy. We all know that ecstasy is a party drug popular among college students who wants to party until, well until he can’t party anymore. Mix it all together and you’ll get a lethal cocktail.

Who doesn’t want to do that, you know to be able to do what you need to and still have energy to spare to party the entire night away? Way before this movie, people had been experimenting with smart drugs along with some other drugs to amplify the results of each. The concept of work hard and play harder is something most of us are aiming for. Sadly, we can’t do both without any help. An awful truth about reality because believe or not, our bodies will shut down. We just can’t do it all. So we tend to look for ways to become something we want. Mixing amphetamine with other amphetamine is not a really good idea. The side effects will be amplified along with the effects. Adderall itself is very addictive. That’s why a prescription is needed before you can get your hands on them.


Mixed drugs like WHYPHY is a bad example of an amplifier. Because the aftermath and the effects are dangerous. From speeding heart rate to hallucinations it’ll make you go crazy. Would I try it? I don’t think so. It’s not even advisable even if you are crazy about finding which really works the best.

Before you start your own concoction of the life-threatening holy grail of Work Hard Yes Play Hard Yes version, just be sure you know how the chemistry works. You might end up blowing your mind, and I say that not in a good way. 

Alright so given the interest in the WHYPHY drug from 22 Jump Street we thought it best to bring up the first half of the drug as a separate discussion. The drug’s letters are an acronym for “Work Hard Yes, Party Hard Yes”. Today I’m going to be diving into the first half of that equation: Work Hard Yes.

The film 22 Jump Street parodies common drug trends among students with its fictional WHYPHY drug. Today’s youth are under larger amounts of pressure, tighter deadlines, and heavier workloads. As a result, any drug that can give students an advantage in their studies has become very popular. This trend dates back a long ways. Caffeine and University have enjoyed a very long and mostly healthy relationship. We first saw students venture out into harder substances with Ephedrine. The energy spike was highly desired, and staying thin never hurt anyone’s university experience. More recently Adderall and Ritalin’s success in helping ADHD students stay focused has been exploited by non-ADHD users.


So using drugs to get an edge is clearly nothing new, just ask any Major League Baseball player. But what is new is the increase in consumption of these drugs. A survey at the University of Kentucky, Lexington shows that 34% of the students surveyed had tried Adderall or other ADHD medications for the sole purpose of studying better.

More studies like these exist, and it shows that students are becoming more concerned with “Work Hard Yes” than they are with “Party Hard Yes”. There are several different theories on why this may be. One point that seems rather counter-intuitive is that hours spent in university classrooms have steadily declined in the United States and elsewhere over the past 50 years.

That might seem to go against the logic of needing a drug to compensate. But in many cases, just because there are fewer hours doesn’t mean there is less work. In fact, many universities are now recommending 2-3 hours of study time for every 1 hour of class, when the old rule used to be 2 for every 90 minutes. The change in ratio from 4:3 to 6-9:3 is staggering.

Essentially you could argue that the amount of homework needed has doubled, while the amount of time spent with an actual teacher in a class has been cut in half.
This results in students needing more help. Logically we see more students taking medicines to help them perform. But interestingly, students aren’t really satisfied with their options. Illegal prescription drugs are expensive for one thing: Costing up to $5 and even $10 for a dose. In addition acquiring them is not always consistently possible. And even if you decide to go for one of these popular ADHD meds, you’re still only getting several hours of benefit for a high price.

So it’s not really a big surprise to see Modafinil taking over schools across the world. Modafinil is easier to purchase and import, since it can be ordered from a number of retailers across the web. And its price can’t be beat when compared to the alternatives. Perhaps the best value though lies in the duration of its effects. Modafinil typically gives users a solid 12 hours of productivity, in many cases even a little more. Since it doesn’t have any strong effects on mood, such as strong euphoria, people who take Modafinil also find it easier to work on without getting distracted.

Modafinil makes feelings of drowsiness and sleepiness disappear completely. This enables you to keep working at a high level even during long study sessions or those nights before an exam. 25% of final year students in the UK have already used Modafinil to get ahead. Many students buy generic provigil online from various India pharmacies. It’s proven to work, and it’s safer to use.

Modafinil’s not just useful for students either. Plenty of workers have found it to be helpful as well. It is even prescribed to people who have to deal with the odd sleep schedules that accompany shift work. Switching from one shift to another can be brutal, and Modafinil can help people to regulate their internal clocks faster by consistently helping them stay awake during the crucial working hours. Besides that, physical work is also made easier by reducing the amount of tiredness one feels.

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