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Is modafinil a limitless “real life nzt-48" ?

At the beginning of the movie Limitless, the protagonist Eddie Morra, is an unkempt author struggling with writers block. He soon takes a pill called NZT-48 that significantly enhances his creativity and optimizes his learning and memory processes. The pill causes these effects by helping him access 100% of his brain. This however, is based on the myth that humans only use 10% of their brain.
Therefore, although the effects of NZT-48 are exaggerated in order to create an entertaining movie, the cognitive enhancing effects experienced by Eddie can be achieved with Nootropics, but at a lesser and more realistic degree.
In fact, Modafinil, a wakefulness-promoting agent, is rumored to be the real life smart drug that NZT-48 was based on. NZT gives Eddie a limitless attention span that allows him to complete his book within 4 days. Modafinil increases your mental energy immensely, consequently keeping your brain alert and focused for hours. Modafinil also reduces symptoms of lethargy associated with depression, boosting the drive that people need to be more focused and productive. Improved mental energy further allows someone who is disheveled like Eddie, to notice and correct the environmental or behavioral causes of their depression or ‘brain fog’ (writer’s block).

However, Modafinil does not aid one with the creativity needed to write an interesting book. Stacking Noopept alongside Modafinil will boost creativity and help end writer’s block. Noopept has a powerful effect on neuroplasticity, which increases the brain’s ability to form new connections and interlink ideas to create new concepts. For that reason, Noopept users are likely to see improvements in their learning, memory and creativeness.
Although it is unlikely that Nootropics will help you write a best-selling book in 4 days, learn a language overnight or the piano in 3 days, they will however, give you the mental acuity to become more productive and successful in your daily activities.

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