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NZT-48 vs Noopept

Comparing to Noopept

When compared to Noopept, NZT-48 still reigns supreme. We already touched on the idea for NZT-48, but let's elaborate a little bit more about Noopept instead.
Noopept is incredibly effective at increasing the synaptic plasticity of its users, which enables people to learn and adapt rapidly. It can help create new ideas, by producing synaptic bridges connecting different otherwise difficult to connect ideas. Like NZT-48, and as a tool, it is efficient at overcoming mental difficulty, resolving motivation-related problems and boosting one's creativity.
Racetams or Modafinil (and its family) are very different and almost incomparable to Noopept, with the exception of stimulation and hence increased energy levels. Quite simple indeed, pick and choose a task that is very important to you and focus on it. Surprisingly, even the greatest of problems can be creatively resolved with the help of Noopept. 

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