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Smart Drugs

Calea Zacatechichi in tea or capsules: effects, dosing, experience

Across the ages people have been mesmerized by their capability of having dreams. They sought to understand this process and many believed that dreams are messages from the gods, offering insight, wisdom and instructions about one's life. Looking at what we know about ancient civilizations, we see that almost each
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Adderall alternatives

Top otc adderall alternatives: Best nootropics to buy without prescription

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Top otc adderall alternatives: Best nootropics to buy without prescription    What kind of natural otc Adderall alternatives exist?   In one of our previous articles we wrote about natural and synthetic alternatives for Adderall and because you showed interest into this subject, we're creating this article especially for you! Below you will find
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Phenibut: effects, advantages, euphoria, overdose

Phenibut is a supplement which may be used as a smart drug. In this role it is helpful for alleviating symptoms of tiredness, insomnia, stress, nervousness and depression. Phenibut is an anxiolytic with proven abilities to elevate mood and soothe anxiety.    Some Phenibut user reviews suggest this nootropic may be a
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Adderall high

Getting the euphoria / high from adderall link to Schizophrenia and ADHD

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Results from a study which appeared in Proceedings of the National Academy of Science on the 7th of April 2014 reveal feedback from a double-blind trial in which almost 400 human subjects received dextroamphetamine (adderall) and reported on their experience. The test subjects had their DNA sequence and contrasted against
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