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Phenibut vs. Modafinil high: nootropics and euphoria

Phenibut anxietyPrescription stimulants are sometimes abused however—that is, taken in higher quantities or in a different manner than prescribed, or taken by those without a prescription. Because they suppress appetite, increase wakefulness, and increase focus and attention, they are frequently abused for purposes of weight loss or performance enhancement (e.g., to help study or boost grades in school; see box). Because they may produce euphoria, these drugs are also frequently abused for recreational purposes (i.e., to get high). Euphoria from stimulants is generally produced when pills are crushed and then snorted or mixed with water and injected. 
Quite how Modafinil works is uncertain; it is theorized to interact with gamma-Aminobutyric acid (GABA) levels as well as Noradrenaline, Glutamate and Histamine neurotransmitter. It affects several neural processes simultaneously. However it works, the end result is a feeling of natural wakefulness. Enhanced focus also occurs, along with mildly elevated mood and quicker thought process. These effects naturally raise productivity.
Phenibut has several beneficial functions which include the following: anxiolytic, ataractic, cardio protective, cognitive and neuroprotective. The chief recommended use is as an anxiolytic; a substance which lowers levels of anxiety and stress caused by neuronal hyperactivity. 
Anxiety conditions often stem from inappropriate neuronal excitability. This manifests as a fixation on minor points and an inability to calm your mind. Phenibut is likely to be of help in such cases. Many Phenibut users say that this supplement / nootropic helps them to be more balanced, calm and worry-free. 
Phenibut HCL might also have the ability to reduce shyness or social anxiety by calming any unwanted inhibitory impulses. It’s even possible, according to preliminary research, that Phenibut may boost general mental function by facilitating improved communication between brain hemispheres.
Modafinil can have a more profound impact on mood, even causing mild euphoria. This kind of high can be seen as a side effect if it becomes distracting. Modafinil should not be overdosed on by those seeking a high; the cost of the drug and the side effects of overdose are simply not worth the minor buzz. 
It is claimed by medical researchers that chemical addiction to Modafinil is impossibility; however psychological addiction is a possibility with any substance so it could be danger for people seeking for getting high from modafinil . It is best to take Modafinil only at the recommended dosage, otherwise headaches, palpitations, insomnia and the like may occur.
Phenibut and Modafinil Stacking
PhenibutAlthough this combination works well, it cannot be used regularly due to the problems with taking Phenibut on a regular basis. Phenibut lowers anxiety which frees up mental energy, so when Modafinil sharpens the concentration and lifts mood, performance and productivity can be greatly enhanced.
Keep in mind that Modafinil is pretty powerful so only take the recommended dose or less. Do not use Phenibut on an ongoing basis. It’s recommended that Phenibut not be used more than once a week, twice is probably ok. 
Getting High from Modafinil
Any mild euphoria caused by Modafinil is likely as a result of its effect upon the Dopamine neurotransmitter. This is the same neurotransmitter which is targeted by cocaine. However, there can be no comparison between the level of euphoria induced by modafinil and cocaine, respectively. The good news is that Modafinil poses fall less risk to one’s health and lifestyle, as it is generally safe and non-addictive. It won’t cause a manic state either, unlike cocaine. This makes Modafinil an entirely legitimate and legal nootropic as it’s definitely not a party drug.
User Reports of Euphoria
Among Modafinil users, some report a feeling of persistent excitement when the recommended dose of 200 mg. is taken. They say it’s not just a feeling of being awake and alert but something related to euphoria which comes from the pill. They report feeling like the achieved something important, which is probably a result of higher dopamine levels; dopamine acts as the brain’s reward mechanism for adaptive behavior. If your brain responds to Modafinil with even mild euphoria, beware that you don’t start to abuse it in order to feel that way.
Modafinil as a Party Drug
Modafinil users are overwhelmingly taking it for non-recreational purposes but can it be used as a “party drug?” Students are most likely to take it as for helping with their studies and also most likely to use it recreationally; however what sort of effect does it? Does they get any high? For one thing, it can keep one awake and partying all night. Its side effects may be quite aggravating in a party atmosphere however; it can cause anxiety and irritability. Also, there are risks to not getting enough sleep. If practiced regularly or for a prolonged period, all sorts of physical and mental health problems will occur. For these reasons, it is not often used by partygoers.
Using Modafinil for work and study-related reasons makes a lot more sense. It will boost focus and alertness, allowing one to get through a lot of work. However the drug is being used, it should be done so under the guidance of a doctor.
Phenibut High
Modafinil as a Party DrugThe so-called “Phenibut high” results from the restoration of neural balance brought about by calming over-stimulated neurons in the brain. It mimics the natural effect of having proper GABA (gamma-Aminobutyric acid) levels, which ensures neurons only fire when appropriate. The subjective experience of Phenibut is a calm, relaxed and harmonious mood. It aids a user in falling asleep more quickly and improves their focus on relevant things, rather than obsessional thinking. 
Phenibut is also a slight agonist to the brain’s receptors of dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter which is responsible for giving pleasure sensations as a reward for doing something which benefits the body or mind. Dopamine also plays a role in certain executive brain functions, such as concentration and inhibitory responses. Phenibut increases dopamine levels so this can improve your mood and increase your ambition. 
Using Phenibut recreationally to get high is possible by taking it in large quantities which affect glutamate and GABA receptors. The drug acts on the same brain regions as does alcohol. The side effects are similar, including blackouts and hangovers.
Little research has been done into recreational use of Phenibut - or any smart drugs for that matter - but user accounts sound a warning. People sometimes take Phenibut as a means to decrease their alcohol tolerance. They then have to drink less to get drunk, although this carries many possible downsides.
Unfortunately some people will always abuse drugs and medicines. As a responsible person with a care for your body, you should avoid such activities. Phenibut has numerous side effects and tolerance to it develops quickly. It also has some nasty withdrawal symptoms which, as mentioned, are similar to a hangover. These include headaches, nausea and other pains. It may even induce hallucinations.

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