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Top otc adderall alternatives: Best nootropics to buy without prescription

Top otc adderall alternatives: Best nootropics to buy without prescription 
What kind of natural otc Adderall alternatives exist?
Adderall alternativesIn one of our previous articles we wrote about natural and synthetic alternatives for Adderall and because you showed interest into this subject, we're creating this article especially for you! Below you will find information regarding natural Adderall alternatives. The benefits from these substances range from treating ADHD symptoms to improving cognitive abilities like memory, learning and concentration.
Most of these products cannot be sold or promoted as Adderall replacements, they are recommended by doctors as natural substitutes, nonetheless. These natural brain power supplements have minimal negative side-effects, high tolerance and addiction thresholds, and they can really boost your cognitive capabilities by improving your brain health, leading to greatly improved long-term neurological functioning.
Let's get right into it and find out which are the best otc Adderall alternative on the market, those that both alleviate ADHD symptoms and boos cognitive abilities.
What Is Adderall?
Used for the treatment of narcolepsy and ADHD symptoms, Adderall XR is a classified as a schedule II drug. Tolerated on a short-term basis by children, it stimulates the brain and alleviates these symptoms for the sufferers.
The reason for such a heavy classification of the drug is the fact that it contains four different types of amphetamine salts: dextroamphetamine sulfate, aspartate sulfate, aspartate monohydrate, and dextroamphetamine saccharate.
Adderall provides a very intense stimulating effect for the central nervous system, and this is a strong indicator as to why it presents huge benefits for people afflicted with ADHD. 
One of the main concerns about this drug are the side-effects, which include addiction and increased chance of heart conditions, like tachycardia. Fortunately these side effects leads most people to try and find a natural substitute that will help with ADHD, without the side-effects. 
Why Is A Prescription Needed For Adderall?
Being a controlled substance, mostly due to the fact that there are amphetamines within the contents of every Adderall pill, it is required that you get a prescription before being able to purchase this medication. Due to the FDA's efforts, a patient taking this medication is to be under professional supervision during the usage of the drug.
It is necessary because of the high liability that users are responsible for with this medication. Besides possibly fatal situations due to an overdose, Adderall is a physically addictive drug that can only be used if your doctor determines that you're both a healthy and responsible individual, capable of understanding the risk associated with it.
In the USA, it is necessary to obtain an Adderall prescription in order to be able to legally buy and carry Adderall, due to the reasons we mentioned above. If you're currently enrolled in an Adderall-based ADHD treatment and want to switch to a natural substitute, you should consult your health professional for advice and guidance. They will be more than happy to hear that you want to try a different option associated with less health risks, and they will help you with the right choice of supplement that will help you overcome ADHD.
There are many over the counter alternatives to Adderall, and it is highly recommended that they are given a chance to help you alleviate your symptoms (or study better), before turning to Adderall. They are safer for long-term treatment and are generally less risky.
We've generated a list of  best nootropics and supplements that are being used today by people that do not have access to an Adderall prescription, or they are simply looking for a natural substitute.
Make sure to consult with your doctor before taking any form of supplements, because there could be other, more effective solutions for you. Use your doctor's experience to save yourself time, money, effort and to make better choices.
Top non-prescription otc nootropics similar to adderall
non-prescription otc nootropics
Modafinil, the only adderall replacement  in this list which require a prescription. is one of the most popular nootropic drugs, mainly because of the Hollywood movie "Limitless", for which the director has confessed that it was Modafinil-inspired. Firstly developed as a narcolepsy and sleeplessness solution, it is also prescribed for ADHD in the USA, where it's sold under the brand name "Provigil". There are many over the counter modafinil brands, that could be very effective alternatives to Adderall. Modafinil is the only Adderall alternative which require prescription. This drug is available over the counter, mostly at India -related online pharmacies. 
Modafinil promotes an intense state of wakefulness and awareness, combined with a very sharp and heightened ability to focus and concentrate. User reports confirm that with Modafinil, working intensively on a detail-oriented project is a very simple thing to do.
Unlike Adderall, Modafinil doesn't contain any amphetamines, so it doesn't interfere with sleeping, nor does it generate dopamine based addiction and withdrawal symptoms. Regardless of this, you still need a prescription for Modafinil, but not for its related cousin compound Adrafinil. It is wise to speak to a professional before taking Modafinil in order to inform yourself about the possible negative side effects.
Piracetam is an unique chemical that comes from a category of supplements called Nootropics. They serve to increase cognitive abilities in individuals. Piracetam in particular, works by crossing the blood-brain barrier and gaining entry to the nervous system. From here it helps regulate different neurotransmitters, like Acetylcholine.
This is a natural chemical, available otc, involved in improving certain cognitive processes like the creation of new memories, boosted learning capacity, increased attention and concentration abilities and pure blissful focus. Besides being less toxic than table salt, it improves the health of our brains by increasing the fluidity of our cell's membranes, while promoting better maintenance for our neurons. It's also associated with alleviating ADHD symptoms and allowing sufferers some breathing space.
It has been reported by users that the combination of Piracetam and Adderall XR leads to better results, but this isn't really the solution you're looking for.
Featuring extremely fast onset of a powerful effect, Aniracetam is considered to be the best of the best alternatives for Adderall. Aniracetam is highly concentrated Piracetam, and it activates exactly the same Nicotinic Acetylcholine receptors in our brains. 
This activation enhances the natural features of the receptors, boosting brain signaling, promoting neural growth of brain tissue, like neurons and synapses, and drastically improving memory capabilities in individuals. 
Another way it boosts memory and learning abilities is through its interaction with so-called AMPA receptors, and it also fires up dopamine and 5-HTP receptors, thus improving your mood. These effects stack and combine to provide you with a powerful sense of focus and mental dexterity, together with a nice mood lift.
Besides these focus, concentration and neural healing effects, Aniracetam dissolves feelings of depression and cuts the chaotic thoughts running around in our heads daily, due to different causes of anxiety. This drug presents benefits reaching beyond ADHD symptoms and makes Adderall seem bland in comparison to it.
This compound is a neuropeptide available over the counter which works through similar channels like Piracetam and Aniracetam, except it's about a thousand times stronger than both. This is no reason for concern, although your body will need much smaller doses of this chemical for it to feel the benefits, including neural tissue support, boosted concentration and improved memory.
Noopept is particularly interesting to the medical community because of its nerve regenerating capabilities. It is available without prescription. It helps support regeneration and maintenance of brain cell integrity and matches adderall alternative nootropics. This chemical addresses age and damage related deterioration of cognitive capabilities and is being used as a supportive chemical during the treatment of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's Disease. This kind of damage is also a factor in ADHD and ADD symptoms.
Noopept, as a supplement can help alleviate your current symptoms of these conditions and it can actually serve as a chemical investment, protecting your brain from future deterioration. Because of this, Noopept is widely accepted and promoted as a valid supplement for both young and old people.
Just like Piracetam, it positively affects mood by stimulating dopamine and serotonin receptors, but it doesn't boost hormone production, thus its addiction potential is quite low, unlike Adderall. All in all, Noopept is a powerful all-round nootropic capable of boosting cognitive abilities and providing support and protection for the brain.
Yet another relative of Piracetam made it on this list! Pramiracetam is a compound that promotes high amounts of concentration and it boosts memory creation processes for individuals. It affects acetylcholine and glutamate receptors, thus promoting amazing cognitive benefits, such as:. massively enhanced mental focus, a boost to logical reasoning and a fluid, lucid and fast ability of thought.
About thirty times more powerful than Piracetam, it is effective at very low doses. Pramiracetam is recommended due to its activity over the hippocampus, an important part of the brain that deals with processes relating to memory creation and recall.
Pramiracetam extensively increases the amount of neural activity in this part of the brain, and as a result of this users feel a strong increase in the functioning of their memory and overall information processing capabilities. 
Out of all the compounds in the Racetam family of chemicals, Pramiracetam is the top one associated with memory enhancing properties. Conversely, Adderall provides no considerable increase in memory related aspects of the individual, and even if the users benefit from the heightened ability to focus, all the new information processed during its effects will be stored within the normal functioning of the brain. What this means is that much of the information will be lost, as soon as the drug wears off. Users present goal-oriented and motivated behavior under the influence of Pramiracetam.
Alpha Brain
Created by Onnit Labs, Alpha Brain is one of the top rated non-prescription nootropic "stacks" on the market, with "stack" meaning that it contains different types of nootropic supplements combined in order to create synergistic effects for a completely elevated experience for its users, unlike taking each and every one of these natural compounds individually.
Quite popular on the markets, due to the effective nootropic effect over mental focus and thought fluidity. One of the most important ingredients in this stack is Alpha GPC, which is a choline-rich supplement that boosts the availability of acetylcholine in the brain. This chemical is the key to a healthy brain, promoting higher frequency of nerve signaling and clearer thoughts, while eliminating age related deterioration.
Other ingredients, such as Vinpocetine and Huperzine A provide benefits by restoring blood circulation in neural tissues, along with transferring Nerve Growth Factor to brain cells, promoting their cellular structure and allowing for repairs to happen.
Furthermore, this stack contains beneficial herbal and cognitive supplements like, AC-11, Bacopa Monnieri, Serrata, Pterostilbene, Mucuna Pruriens, GABA, B6 vitamin and Oat Straw. These ingredients will present stress relief for people with ADHD or simply short attention span, especially GABA and the B6 vitamin.
The complete effect of this product is a significant boost to mental lucidity and awareness, with calming effects over ADHD symptoms. It's been reported by some users that Alpha Brain has helped them to overcome social anxiety.
A natural herbal supplement which stimulates the brain and improves the functioning of areas associated with focus, concentration, motivation. It increases the amount of available energy and boosts the metabolism of the organism, thus promoting weight loss. It is a popular supplement in the market of OTC alternatives for Adderall.
It is unclear whether this is a good alternative to Adderall though, because of the specific ingredients which influence the body to start producing a higher number of neurotransmitters in the brain, specifically Dopamine and Serotonin. These specific neurotransmitters have a direct effect over areas in the brain that are involving mood regulation, movement, balance and sleep patterns. 
It has caused positive reviews due to the metabolic boost they provide, which causes more energy to be released from stored fats in the body. Unfortunately, according to user reports it also leads to low energy levels when withdrawing from the product.
Specifically designed and created to be a substitute for Adderall, this supplement is effective at increasing energy levels, while also improving the focus, concentration, attention span and productivity of its users.
It appears that it helps individuals to handle a greater workload without causing elevated levels of stress and frustration, allowing them to juggle tasks back and forth. On the other hand, other user reports claim that it contains relatively weak ingredients and cannot hope to promote the mental performance we just described. 
This particular supplement available without prescription, can be considered a proprietary blend of ingredients and compounds which are mostly herbal and natural stimulants.
On some markets it's called Ampheta CDP, because of the fact that it simulates the state created by amphetamines, even though no amphetamines are included in the product. The acronym CDP stands for Choline, which is one of the most important brain supplements.
Like we mentioned before with alternatives like Alpha Brain, Choline is the precursor of Acetylcholine, which is directly responsible for maintenance of memory, learning and other cognitive and regenerative functions.
It is suggested that you combine (stack) this supplement together with Aniracetam or Piracetam, because of the synergistic effects they have with Choline.
Which Adderall substitute is right for you?
Adderall substitute
We've created a small list of popular and legal over the counter supplements that can be used to replace Adderall to a certain extent. Others worth mentioning are Profiderall, Doxiderol, Addrena and the list really goes on. There are many different kind of nootropic compounds each one with a different chemical structure.
With the exception of Modafinil (but only in some countries), these substitutes can be purchased without a prescription. Many of them are completely natural or herbal, which works to lower the harmful side effects compared to pharmaceutical grade drugs like Adderall, which is a very powerful and potentially harmful drug.
Most of the nootropics are mild and there are people out there that design their own stacks to create beautiful synergistic effects and improve their lives. Designing a stack yourself requires a great deal of personal experience with different compounds. 
When making your choice be aware that branded products like AddTabz and Adderalin are more expensive than other generic compounds which are available to you on the markets including over the counter. 
In the end it all depends on your personal needs as a human being that wants to be more effective. Everybody is different and we all have different nutritional profiles. What is highly suggested is that you work to supplement your body though proper variety of foods and exercise which have been the go to solution for many problems in our life.
Did you like this article? If you think that there is valuable information contained within this article and you feel like your friends can benefit from it don't be shy, share it! :)

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7 Responses

Antony Says:

for chronic fatigue I recommend:
natural- Maca (white maca-for women), Ashwagandha (literally FOR chronic fatigue, although its immediate effects are mildly relaxing)
and this especially- Syberian Ginseng (this alone will kick your fatigue out the door, its a very strong (and healthy) stimulant, with adaptogenic qualities (increases threshold from which you experience stress, generally improves immune system) its stimulatory effects are stronger than coffee and last a long time (almost all day, in my experience), the long-term benefits are noticable for quite some time after stopping use (2 weeks daily for me = 3 months of perceived benefits)
synthetic- phenylpiracetam for motivation and concentration/energy.

Sean Says:

I've been taking Ritalin and Adderall off and on for over 20 years and have been taking the same dose (45-60 mg/day) for ~7 years.

I wouldn't worry about the dose, take what you need. I have low dopamine (which may cause your need for Adderall). I take dopamine precursor supplements, and find they help. Mucuna Dopa, L-Tyrosine, and L-Theanine.

Also, Vitamin C (in pills or juices) will cut the effects of Adderall dramatically. Wait a couple hours, or it's a nice trick to help sleep.

Zac Says:

I had struggled for 13 years with depression and after every possible anti depressant and 3 courses of electroconvulsant therapy I convinced my dr to prescribe Modafinil. It took a year of fighting with my health insurance to cover it but it has helped a lot. If you can get prescribed for off label use you can legally order it online from India or wherever. If you look online you can find reputable sources.

Steven Says:

As for the long-term safety of amphetamines, the jury is out. Unfortunately it's not very easy at all to measure neurological changes in human beings—mostly because you can't experiment on them and then cut their brains up to see what happened—and most of what we know about the toxicity of drugs in humans is the result of extreme adverse reactions or animal models. Amphetamine is acutely neurotoxic for many animals, including some other primates, for example, but is not known to be so for humans. Does dopamine receptor downregulation occur with chronic use? Almost inevitably. But the question is to what degree, and how reversible it is. Might it contribute to the hastening of the death of dopaminergic neurons? Nobody knows for sure. A year or two ago I did a thorough examination of the literature and found several meta-analyses that failed to make any specific conclusions about the long-term effects of clinical amphetamine usage.

What is known for certain are anecdotal reports of problems. Go to ADD forums, various drug forums, etc., and you'll find plenty of people who took Adderall for many years and claim they are not the same anymore and that there's no going back—fatigue, brain fog, and a host of other maladies, even after long periods of abstinence. Of course, everyone is different and it seems like some people tolerate amphetamines for years or decades just fine.

Personally I love the stuff for occasional recreational use but would never, ever risk taking it on a regular basis for any considerable period of time.

Modafinil it seems is much less neurologically stressful than amphetamine. If you insist on taking stimulants every day, then modafinil is surely the safer bet. No matter what you take, it's *vitally important* to take drug holidays of at least a week or more, lest your tolerance continue to grow steadily over the course of months or even years.

Steven Says:

My experience with psychiatrists is that, unfortunately, they are not always up-to-date on current literature. That's because you can spend a couple of hours researching the one medication you're considering for yourself and walk into the office knowing more about it than a psychiatrist who has to prescribe dozens or even hundreds of different medications to many patients. At any rate, though, we live in the information age so there's no need to take anybody's word for anything.

Katie Says:

I have a lot of issues with depression & anxiety and never found relief with SSRIs. I tried modafinal and it kinda helped, but wasn't sustainable. For me SNRIs and SDRIs have done a much better job of fighting the fatigue. If you want to go the supplement route, look for ones that help your body produce Dopamine and Norepinephrine, as it seems Serotonin isn't an issue with you. If they don't help, talk to your doctor about prescription drugs that work on other nuerotransmitters besides Serotonin.

William Says:

Adrafinil is the pro-drug that metabolizes into modafinil in the body. It is available OTC in the US. It works well, although I prefer lower doses than most of the commercial suppliers. Therefore, I buy it as a powder and cap my own doses. I have used nootropics depot, and been pleased with their product. They sell both capsules and powder.

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