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Where to buy NZT-48 / CPH4 or its alternative?

POOL: Where to buy NZT-48 / CPH4 or its alternative?

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Andrew Says:


Mike Says:

Modafinil 200 mg (Better Modalert from NeoModafinil)

2-Aminoisoheptane (DMHA) 150 mg 

Alpha GPC 100 mg 

Thearcrine 100 mg 

N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine (NALT) 60 mg 

Acetyl L-Carnitine (ALC) 50 mg 

L-Theanine 50 mg 

Grape Seed Extract 30 mg 

Naringin 20 mg 

Piperine 95% 10 mg

Tree Says:

LSD and DMT, both hold emmense amounts of potential like NZT 48, not just information to research, but unexplored aspects as well. I believe amphetamines like MDMA and MDA have uses when not abused. There was a story I read about a mathematician who uses amphetamines for his work, and then received a bet from a colleague that he couldn't go a month without it for $500 bucks. He went the whole month without it, and without much attention to the money he responded to the colleague, paraphrasing I might add on my part, "I may have been able to prove I could do this, and now you know too, but we have just lost a months worth of mathematical work and progress"... Though I may have read an exaggeration, as most people tend to write those.

Darius Says:

Nootropics aka Smart Drugs. Ie Piracetam, Oxyracetam, Aniracetam, Noopept

Daniel Says:

You can't buy nzt 48. You already use 100% of your brain daily. You cannot unlock some extra untouched area of the mind, and even if you could it wouldn't be all that good anyways.

Jack Says:

how about Getting there by not eating crap that dumbs you down... crap that you drink that inhibits your abilities.. that other wise would develop.. thoughts to note.. im just for empowerment of self .. independence instead of dependence.

Matthew Says:

Plenty of Nootropic substances exist, but not to the level of that corny limitless movie. You can buy nootropic replacement of nzt 48 from lot's of stores including EBAY and Amazon

For example, I used Boron to Chelate Fluoride out of my body, and magnesium to compete with it, to prevent it returning.(Soviet ww2 studies) Calcium and phosphate to balance the other substances chelated with it, so I didn't get sick.
Dimercaptosuccinic to remove lead.
Then I took Lions Mane for its Enhanced NGF (nerve growth factor):
Prevent drug induced amnesia in animal models.
Normalise neurotransmitter levels in various animal disease models.
Increase antioxidant levels (glutathione, catalase, SOD) in rodent brains.
Enhance memory in humans. Effective for all ages.
Reduce anxiety in various human trials.
Increase work capacity in patients with anxiety.
Reduce error rate and enhance performance time in various cognitive tasks.
A Cholinergic: Alpha GPC, or CDP Choline (Citicoline) Both help with brain base production growth factor and repair.

Then Aniracetam to start, Sunifiram later. after it built up tolerance., which boosted my IQ a bit.
Next I'm thinking of experimenting with pro biotics Lactobacillus reuteri, and Bacteroides fragilis, and Derkapine/Valproic acid Although Derkapine can have side effects, and is illegal in this country; so I'd have to go overseas to do that.
It's all based on peer reviewed science.

Gabriel Says:

You can get all sorts of different ways of percieving the world from such thing-But here is something funny about it-If you have someone who has trained themself in a large range of performance states when they go down this route they will get a larger range of different percieptions,in other words they do drug learning better than you :P

Guy Says:

Piracetam, choline, vitamin b and huperzine A. All legal, easy to obtain and no side effects or pharmaceuticals. You can buy it from various sites, just google it.

Jonathon Says:

Limitless is honouring the Christ seed with in. Every month when the moon moves into your star sign a sacred secretion is released in our brain, it travel down the 33 vertebrae of the spine and returns in 3 days. Tje journey of the 33 is the how old the algorical jesus was when he died and then rose in 3 days. Crusifications true meaning is to amplify. If you honor this inner journey by refraining from riotous living and eating a plant based diet, cause acid is the enemy of this sacred secretion it will return and your vibration will amplify , when opetating at a higher vibration the universe/you-universe can more easily manifest your hollogram in your favor , be true and move with grace, and a life greater than you can imagine will fall at your feet :)

Brian Says:

As of late, this is what I am taking the following nzt alternatives:
MORNING: 1) 750mg Oxiracetam, 2) 1.6g Piracetam. 3) One tablet of Bronkaid (for workout sessions).
AFTERNOON: Nothing in my personal inventory at this time, but if there is for this time, then Artvigil 150mg.
EVENING: Another dosage of 750mg Oxiracetam and 1.6g Piracetam combined.
Originally, I downed my noots in capsule form, but this past weekend, I've had better results opening my capsules, placing the powder in my mouth, and then chasing said powder down with some water. That way, I get the full benefits. I've also noticed that Oxiracetam's stimulant properties are enhanced for me when I ingest it in powder form. Piracetam provides me with a balanced sense of mental clarity alone, but when I stack it with Oxi, the results are solid.
The effects aren't jaw-dropping or NZT-48-like. I just feel as if I am able to think straight and have some emotional balance.
Today, I stacked with one Artvigil tablet and I felt rather productive throughout my day. However, I don't like to take Artvigil by itself. I have to have one of my noots in my system so that I don't experience any serious psychological symptoms.

Stueee34 Says:

This substance, and alternative to nzt 48 is called Modafinil in reality and it has different names in the country where are you at. Modafinil is the best nzt-48 replacement sold under these different brand names: Provigil (United States, United Kingdom, Italy, South Korea) Vigil (Germany) Modalert, Modapro, Modvigil, Modafil, Modafresh, Modafinil, Modnite (India), Modavigil (Australia, New Zealand) Alertec or Vigicer(Canada and Europe), Modiadal (Mexico, France, Sweden) You can buy NZT-48 modafinil everywhere, Indonesia, SouthAfrica, Brazil, Japan, Poland, Switzerland, Greece, Singapore, Hong Kong and anywhere else. The most popular Modafinil version is Modalert, see http://www.sunmodalert.ru

Kalle Says:

nzt 48 reduces fatigue for extended assignments but doesn't increase intelligence or creative thinking. It's one tool for the toolbox. It's eugeroic, not nootropic in the strictest definition.

Hoka Says:

The most strongest nzt 48-alternatives which you can easily buy are here: Nicergoline, Piracetam, and some Alzheimers drugs lol Now i cannot take nicergoline because i take cortisone for low cortisol and nicergoline is adrenergic, catecholaminergic i think this screwed up me. and i had this NZT flashback like effects I had an effect like just Eddie Morra had in the movie i really believed that everything is possible for me My skills really went up to the air i could tell any joke and everyone was laughing at the joke, i am more chatty, social etc... i think i was at my 100% brain performance when i was on that state. I wanted to write a book from nootropics then i wanted to get rich from that book. I first had this effect when taked one piracetam pill and its lasted for a hour than i had this effect without no nootropic taken, I overwhelmed myself when i was coming off this limitless effect. I was so tired i wanted to die, because nothing make a sense, i cant understand words and its totally like when you get off from NZT you want to search something that you can compare it the effects. drinked a coffee feeled a lot better but not enough. After 5000mg aniracetam attack dose i really gave it up because no anti-anxiolitic effects and its not a generic shit, its original ampamet from menarini, i have one italian friend. Someone said that state i described its mania, but now its totally gone. I think its was a flashback from a noot. because when you stop taking a noot what the drug did its still here but when you stop you wouldn't recognize it fast because you recognize it slowly. I guess. :)

Marissa Says:

You know that is a fictional movie, right?! Not a damn thing in the world can give you that effect. If you go into nootropics thinking they will do that for you, you've already failed miserably. Sorry for being harsh but you need a wake up call. Be realistic. NZT-48 IS...NOT...REAL!

Matt Says:

'In earth there is not any of nootropics that in the effects similar to NZT'. (Sp)
Disagree that he inks it's like the movie, but agree with your point. Anyone thinking nootropics will give you effects like I'm the movie........is drastically incorrect.

Josh Says:

All depends upon the individual. Out of all the listed items i use gingko biloba, fish oil, l-glutamine and royal jelly. I use royal jelly and glutamine solely for weight lifting purposes, they both boost HGH human growth hormone levels. The effects of these two items are very subtle, but there. Fish oil alone makes my thinking and processing much more fluid. Ginkgo biloba i take for blood vessel dilation and for stable energy. I take 240mg of gingko a day and in my experience it akin to taking low dose ephedrine and GABA/l-theanine. Gingko gives me very calm stable energy that lasts all day long. It also makes me feel more "there", more mindfully aware, if that makes sense. It also reduces anxiety levels greatly for me. The success of substances/nootropics/neurotransmitter precursors all depends upon the individual. What may work for some doesn't for other. What you have to do is take the substance for a few weeks and if doesnt yeild desired results, like given by nzt-48 than try some else. I am not a big fan of nootropics and prefer to take natural adaptogens. I would personally recommend Rhodolia Rosea and Mucuna Pruriens. Best of luck to you.

Craig Says:

I have dug around different studies and resources, but my main conclusion is that we have to maintain cycles like gut flora health. Other than that, my list is modafinil, multi - stack vitamin with herbs, green tea, coffee, caffeine, and nicotine gum. Racetams infrequently can boost mental health but nothing beats moderation! I've ended up with huge migraines, exhaustion, mania, etc.

Marius Says:

NZT-48 shouldnt have problems being connected to Nootropics as one of the terms of being classified as a nootropic is "They should lack the usual pharmacology of other psychotropic drugs (e.g. sedation, motor stimulation) and possess very few side effects and extremely low toxicity.". I wouldnt want NZT-48 side effects..

Piotr Says:

State of the mind after taking nzt-48, similar to one described in the movie / book Limitless is called Hypomania. But have some cons ;-)
However, drawing conclusions from this state I can hypothesize, that manipulating with levels of neurotransmitter glutamate and histamine - probably increasing them can help with creativity. Assuming already decent levels of Dopamine and ACh. You can increase glutamate e.g. by: Noopept, vit. B1, B12 Histamine by: glutamate, E2, vit.: niacin (B3) and aerobic exercises. You can buy thse nzt alternatives at Nootropics depot, Powder City or similar stores. Caffeine increases both for about 2h after ingestion.
But keep in mind that overload with those neurotransmitters can be harmful for the body and brain.

Chris Says:

gonna have to find something that works for you. after a year of noopept and other stuff from the powerful end of nootropics, getting on wellbutrin has been the closest to NZT for me, if we're gonna talk in near meaningless goals. consider Neuropeptide S, it wipes the fear response clean among other things. Epitalon to restore cell function and health. you'll be at peak with that

leo Says:

Modafinil ..I tried it for the first time today ... Took it at 7 am ..still awake ..studying now after work .. Today was the first day in a very long time in which i didnt feel sluggish or sleepy ..my productivity has increased by 20--30% .. Works like nt. Especially in the first 6 hours .. I forgot to eat lunch and dinner .. Tho ... Lol ...i think i should up my dosag though. I have ordered this from NZTdrugs.com

MTT Says:

At the end of limitless he was making NZT analogs that reduced the negative side effects. I do think one day we can develop nanotechnology to the point where we could access the internet in our minds. Upgrading our neuro architecture, etc. but its still quite a few years away.

Lance Says:

Ok, so, I was watching you tube vids about some"neurotropic"drugs. These pills are as close to the pills in the "Limitless" movie as reality will allow. Allegedly. They are supposed to make your brain fire on all 8 cyls, basically. Now, I have always been kinda spaced out. And Ive had a lot of trouble focusing on what needs to be done and exactly how to get it done. Some days Im golden and shit just clicks and works, but most days Im lost in the fog & cant get my shit together. No matter how hard I try, the brain just says "duhhh..I donno..". It has been very frustrating. It has caused me to doubt myself and to doubt my decisions, on a daily basis.
So, to make a long story short. I bought nzt-48 alternative off the internet from china.
The drug I got is called Modvigil, a derivative of Modafinil which is closest to nzt-48. This drug is primarily used to treat sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea, (which I have) & narcolepsy. (which I probably have also).
Saturday I took 2 200mg pills, and I worked from 6am to 11pm. I ate twice. I felt good, but I also drank 2 rockstar energy drinks in the am. Which kinda made me sick and my heart was pounding pretty good. NOT gonna mix the two again! I didnt feel jittery, or weird in any way. Not excessively happy, or euphoric at all. I felt normal. I did however notice, after the fact, that once I decide to do something, I was stuck on it, like tunnel vision, on it til it was done.
6am this morn. got up took 2 pills, no energy drink this time. Did laundry, went grocery shopping, & sprayed all the weeds in the yard before 9am. Rest of the day worked on my rat rod. About 5pm i got a massive head ache & decided to call it a day. I dont know if the drugs caused the head ache. I do know the drugs make me extremely thirsty. I ate twice today, but maybe not enough water.
I think tomorrow only one pill in the am, & see how the head ache situation works out. Ill be at work tomorrow & that has been a struggle for me the past couple weeks, trying to stay motivated & get things done in a timely manner.
Hopefully I have found that miracle cure for my slack ass brain dead-ness.

Will Says:

nzt-48 from limitless does exist but it isn't a pill.. you can't buy it it's already within us.. chemicals might give us an edge but it's dedication.. motivation and persistence that can mimic a limitless mind.
I would love to see what a mind on these other "limitless" drugs is like.. on Adderall, Focalin, Provigil and my personal favorite.. Cannabis.. don't judge.. we got lots to learn.. after all we're all interested on a limitless mind

Clyde Says:

It's called christianity ballin, understanding of the world's inhabitants, proper self control and a bit of money for stuff.

Anonymous Says:

Forget anything you ever read about nootropics
You just need to get a good nights rest. Eat very healthy foods and exercise rigorously.

When I get hardcore I stack the ultra NZT stack

Black Cohosh
Saint Johns Wart

Forget racetams,Bromantane,semax or p21 or any of that mindless fancy science garbage! I injected gallons of it and it did nothing. NOTHING.

But when I finally started walking a mile a day and eating good food and sleeping better my muscles have quadrupled in size and I have had a noticeable change for the better in length and girth.

So don’t listen to none of these fools. There no magic potion....
And you don’t want to be strung out in the gutter begging for another hit of ashwagandha.

I’ve been there.... Bro!

A good exercise and diet and rest and you’ll cure your frontal lobe damage in 3 days tops.

You can do it Bro

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