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Will Limitless Season 2 with Cooper Coming in 2017-2018?

Will Season 2 of Limitless Coming Soon?
Although the first season of the Limitless was very popular, fans of the series may have to endure a long wait for more. As yet, the host network has yet to renew the show and no competing network has given their approval to begin production of the second season. However, the script is complete and the cast are ready to go. 
Season 1 concluded with knowledge of the miracle drug, NZT, going mainstream. The original Limitless movie and show gave  Modafinil a serious promotion as a first NZT alternative. This unlocks a lot of exciting potential for second season storylines. The protagonist, Brian as played by Jake McDorman, was also discovered to be free of NZT side-effects by the FBI. This raises the possibility of the FBI discovering the secret of his immunity.
Craig Sweeney, executive producer of Limitless, recently answered some questions regarding the second season planned on 2017. He mention that there will be changes to the show but that Brian's role will remain central. Brian will continue to consume NZT while working in cooperation with Boyle (played by Hill Harper) and Rebecca (played by Jennifer Carpenter) to solve crimes. Sweeney said some new members will be added to the cast but that it will retain its weekly format. Now is almost 2018 and nothing is cleared yet.
Fans are now counting down the days until the planned series is adopted by a network and brought to their screens. Some rumors are swirling that the producers are in discussion with both Amazon and Netflix, although no formal announcement has yet been made. It seems highly likely that this show will be bought by a network soon, given the first season's success.
The buzz around the highly-anticipated second season shows no signs of dissipating. The original movie's star, Bradley Cooper, is confirmed for guest appearances in the second season and is also involved in the second season as an executive producer. According to the FX Newscall industry publication, Cooper is working hard to sell the show to networks. Certain rumors have come out regarding his efforts, with Showtime being said to be interested in picking up the second season of Limitless. Cooper continues to work as a filmmaker and actor; he's currently directing and starring in a remake of "A Star is Born," which will also star pop singer Lady Gaga.
Part of the reason for hesitation by networks is that Limitless season one didn't achieve stellar ratings. However, they certainly weren't bad either. The blog, TV by the Numbers, records that the finale of the first season attracted 5.4 live viewers and that, measured over a week, the show reached nearly 8 million viewers. These figures are commensurate with other first season series, such as Supergirl and The Catch.
Plot Direction of Limitless Season 2
Craig Sweeney the executive producer on season two has clarified that NZT will remain key to the story. However, the focus will be expanded from Brian Finch to include more screen time for Boyle and Rebecca - according to Cinemablend, at least. 
Sweeney went on to mention that Netflix and Amazon may be hesitating or even taking a pass on the series due to its controversial subject matter: the nootropic drug NZT. However, this seems like a non-issue given the success of shows like Breaking Bad, which deal with illegal street drugs in a very direct way. Fans remain enthusiastic despite the slow approval process for season 2; one way or another they believe they'll get their beloved show back!
The networks certainly take the enthusiasm of fans into account when deciding to greenlight project. However, their decisions are mostly motivated by business aspects based on ratings. It seems that however frustrated fans become, the second season of Limitless will be on hold until a network picks it up. At this point, it's assumed that Netflix and Amazon have probably passed on the show, so it's now a matter of finding support from another network.
Fans have started to organized, in the hopes of speeding the network approval process. They started an online petition for season 2. So far, the large numbers of signers have failed to force the issue however. The producer of Limitless has also gone on record several times, stating that a second season just won't happen.
Do you still expect to see season  2 of Limitless in 2017 or 2018? Voice your opinion in our comments section!

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Limitless Fan Says:

Litmitless HAS to come back!! They can’t leave us hanging like that!! Everyone loves that show!

JonSmash Says:

I have about 20 people in my peer group who'd like to see a Limitless Season 2. Bradley Cooper and those trying to get the momentum going on this, why don't you do what Super Troopers producers did? Start a gofundme on this? Money talks doesn't it? :)

Tessa Says:

Please bring a second season!,,,,,,

Johnathan dove Says:

It's a great story. Why do you always cancel the good show but keep crap like big brother on. Really?! This has a great story stop taking away the good stuff.

Rick Wyatt Says:

There a lot of shows out there that are just retreads of already done ideas. I liked Limitless it is well done and fresh with an exciting idea of the limits of ones brain.
I love it and hope to see season two soon!

Rich allen Says:

Real shame if a second season isn't given a chance somewhere. The movie and series hit a chord with tv watching public. I believe CBS gave up way to quick

Danno Says:

Great film. Shit show with a one dimensional protagonist making 22 episodes a slog.

Summer Says:

Why are all the good shows cancelled?! I hope another network picks this up and season 2 gets the green light!

NeoModafinil Says:

The season 1 is a great success, the story is great! What's the hold up?!

Leanne Says:

Would love to see season two of limitless was a great series.

Adi Says:

Hope to see season two soon i support the idea the producer and the actors of this season

Patch Says:

The show is as Addictive as the the Drug!
Like everyone else is saying, why cut short all the good shows?! Here i am in OZ' telling everyone you gotta watch this show called, LIMITLESS! It's so addictive' & then i read all this rubbish they're not sure when & if to make another Season! C'mon NETFLIX! Get your act together!! Obviously there is a lot of people who love this show & want to see it succeed, & with a lot of great actors/ Characters, i can see at least' another 3 Seasons! Don't make us beg!

Tom Says:

To cancel this show demonstrates limited thinking.

K Says:

Limitless is amazing! We all know that Limitless was supposed to stay and Supergirl was supposed to be canceled. The only reason Supergirl got higher ratings was The Flash cross over. I never watched Supergirl till that day. So Flash Fans helped push he numbers over. Limitless should have been kept. My husband and I have watched season 1, 3 times! Come on networks get it done. I see many more seasons!

Anselina Says:

Please give it another chance! Has to be the best show I've seen in a while.

Joshua Says:

Bring it back! My favorite show!!

paul Says:

This is the most adorable and captivating movie I watched ever before. Show must go on :)

Fel. Says:

I wish that season two will be releasing soon! I can't wait

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