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Xanax experience: what does it feel like?

This is discussion topic. Please share your experience about Xanax use.

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Steve Says:

I've been tried on countless ones, even had Abilify added to one.
Currently, I'm prescribed Wellbutrin.
The standard SSRI drugs have failed me.
Is there one that doesn't take forever to start to help?
I noticed that Wellbutrin made opioids not work as well. (is this just in my head?)
I haven't taken the Wellbutrin in a long time.
The depression is COMPLETE lack of energy/motivation.
(then suicidal ideation and all the other classic depression)
I am on Keppra, which can make you feel depressed and cause suicidal ideation.
They added Lamictal. It made me feel really sluggish. It was supposed to help mood swings from Keppra, and to help seizures more.
I'm aware that Wellbutrin can lower seizure threshold.
I'm also on a benzodiazapine (Xanax) it's decreased seizures some too.
It's greatly helped anxiety.
I'm going to have my PCP change me to a different benzo.. (Valium) it's supposed to help seizures better anyways.
Xanax is bad to use long term.
This doctor has had me taking Xanax for a long time. (nearly 2 years) it isn't supposed to be used this long.

Rachel Says:

Valium isn't near as strong as Xanax. I only ever took them to help with sleep anyway, really. They never helped me with anxiety. But withdrawal symptoms are almost nothing in comparison. Wellbutrin did nothing for me. I was put on just about every anti-depressive there was too and nothing helped me. I mean it all literally did nothing. Many made me sick. I'm very sensitive to medications and serotonin syndrome grabbed me hard once from a med they had me on. I've come to the conclusion that I may as well not take anything because I would rather take nothing than chance being sick.

Tammie Says:

I know for a fact that xanax withdrawal can cause seizures I had one while driving a car doing 55 with my grandma in the car and since they are both benso's I'd be careful for sure

Pat Says:

I have been dealing with A Panic disorder, a
General feeling of anxiety and for a year..
Agoraphobia. Plus Depression. I have been on
Every med made for anxiety. I am taking a
Benzo now......I was weaned off this med to
see if I was physically addicted to this med.
The med is Xanax. I had no reactions weaning
Off. But nothing else helped my anxiety.
So I was put back on Xanax. If that is what my
Body needs for me to have a half way normal
Life. Then so be it. For me it has been almost
My whole life. I don't worry about addiction
Since I take it as prescribed.

Stacy Says:

Yes! Benzos were one of the worst things to ever come into my life by far. I am so free now not having to take them!! Talk with your doctor if you plan to come off of them. It is very hard, but they are not meant to be used long term and it's honestly harder to be on them than to get off of them.

Roxxx Says:

I can't live without my Xanax. I stopping for 2 days to see if I really needed them or were addicted. Let's say those 2 days were a nightmare and then ended up in the hospital for a week cause had a severe panic attack that caused me to black out in the middle of the street. Don't quite without doctors care!

sive Says:

Awww Xanax hasn't made me sleepy :( Took it an half an hour ago and I don't feel any different

Mic3 Says:

Many physicians write it easy, a go to drug. Xanax is an antianxiety med. Its not a sleeping pill. Everyone's body is a little different. It isn't going to knock you out Like a nighttime cold medicine or a muscle relaxer. Possibly, but not likely. I suggest if you haven't tried melatonin, to try that. Its in the vitamin section of your pharmacy. One at night, about an hour or more before bedtime. It is a natural supplement. Supplements are taken to add to what your body naturally produces. If your body isn't producing the chemical to help your body rest, you can supplement by taking the otc supplement. Talk to your doctor. I used melatonin on and off going all the way back to 7th grade. I'm pretty sure it won't interfere with the Xanax. Ask your doc about anything you add though. I'm not a doctor. Only speaking from personal experience. I was on antidepressants and anti anxiety meds for 23 years give or take.

Cindy Says:

My test showed, and I've experienced, that I REM instantly when I fall asleep and it just keeps going. I experience all of it and remember it the next morning. Alprazolam blacks most of that out for me until it's almost time to wake up and I've noticed I feel better during the day. However, it gives me some side effects and I'd like to take something natural if I could find a solution.

Francisco Says:

Xanax makes you forget. If you hate your life Xanax is perfect because you won't have to remember shit

Dan Says:

People who use Xanax illegally usually have undiagnosed anxiety problems and it makes them feel more normal and calm like everyone else they see. It's the same reason people use alcohol and marijuana.

Joe43 Says:

xanax just made me normal. I had a crippling anxious depressive episode, worst ever, when I was 12-13, found my dads xanax and was curious, took one and was like 'wow this is what everyone else must feel" really opened my eyes

Alex Says:

I was seriously addicted to xanax for almost a decade. I only used it for recreational purposes. I found it very euphoric and calming, I actually found it better then heroin. Listen, in my experience drugs work and feel diffrent for everybody. Me for example, I didnt like weed at all, infact I felt worse when I smoked. And I know that people love weed. I also never really liked amphetamine. Every person is diffrent in regards to drugs. Lastly I have to point out I'm now 7 years clean and sober :p

zzz1 Says:

Sad story about xanax abuse: "He was rx’d the Xanax after a motorcycle accident as a teenager that induced severe panic/anxiety disorder. About 8 years ago man had a nervous breakdown as the shop was sinking and the alcohol and Xanax abuse had peaked. He went to behavioral health hospital and was stripped of his Xanax cold turkey he suffered a horrible detox from alcohol and Xanax….he gets out of the hospital and the shop had filed bankruptcy, he was someone we didn’t know he was completely changed….almost acted like a child. Wife divorced him and his parents bought him a small farm house and gave him an allowance every month. He couldn’t work. He had only worked for himself for most all his life, he mentally had been changed, absolutely zero coping skills from the years of Xanax. He needed his wife…. He couldn’t work. He had only worked for himself for most all his life, he mentally had been changed, absolutely zero coping skills from the years of Xanax. He could not care for himself. He was so broken, lost everything, and was suffering from paranoia. He began to drink again, to the point that he was suffering from hepatitis and induced acute liver failure, he had the equivalent of 5- 2 liters worth of fluid in his abdomen where his kidneys had nearly shut down. The ammonia level is his brain was so high that the doctors couldn’t understand how he was conscious and walking around. He was treated and sent home on hospice to die. His ex-wife, took him in to care for him for the remainder of his life .He by some miracle got better. While on hospice his disability was approved. The exwife decided to co-habitate and let him live there. Everything is working out very well, it's been 4 years but he suffers from neuopathic pain in his feet and he has memory and comprehension issues due to the years of abuse from the Xanax, alcohol, the ammonia, and chemicals from the shop. His father is currently in a home, he suffers from Alzheimer’s. He has been told by the neurologists that he is showing early signs of dementia. "

Teri Says:

I have been on xanax for years. It works. Period. My script says I can take 3 a day. I only take one around bedtime. I hear it is addicting, in my case it is not. It is fast acting, in and out of your system and does what it is supposed to do. It has defininately made a better quality of life for me.

Christina Says:

I have horrible anxiety and bipolar so I take Xanax for my anxiety. It calms my nerves because I get very overwhelmed to easily and this is the only thing that calms my nerves plus helps me to fall asleep and not be in my head the whole night. I have not had a problem with coming off of it as I went 2years without but the Dr decided that it was the best choice for me.

Christina Says:

I've tried other anxiety meds but they just did not combine well with my other meds and actually worsened the depression part. It's the only combination that has truly made me feel like I had my life back. Every body's body is different and I don't even take them everyday anymore. I take as needed now. I know others who have had a hard time with them but personally Its the best choice for me.

Rhon Says:

I take 3 Klonopin daily. If I have a particularly tough time or anxiety attack, I'll take a Xanax on top of the Klonopin. Klonopin works steadily for a few hours. The effects of Xanax are more instantaneous.

Pat Says:

Joy xanax has a bad rep. It all depends on how you take it and how much. I take xanax and have for a few years now with no problems at all or side effects. I have a 0.5 dosage which I take if needed during the day or if I am out or something and then I have a 1mg which I would take in the evening or if I know I won't be leaving the house. Both are prescribed 1-3 x a day as needed, one or the other not both. Like I said if you do not abuse it in which case you build a tolerance up and you require more and more. I do not abuse it. I do not take more than prescribed and often times less than prescribed and I do this because I do not want to build up a tolerance xanax is the only thing that has helped me with anxiety. If you have been on it awhile you need to go slow coming off it, but that is with a lot of meds, never go cold turkey.

Tyler Says:

I experienced my first rage fit tonight in years waiting tables. I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, when I was a kid anxiety attacks turned to rage, to the point of losing control. Lots of fights over the smallest of things. I have been prescribed everything from xanax, valium, klonipan (correct my spelling), to anti depresants, ssri inhibitors, and the likes. Only thing that's ever helped xtreme attacks was xanax, valium I'd feel too cloudy, it worked but I'd be in a drugged state. So, my question is, any suggestions for something for extreme attacks, and anything to take a little of the edge off throughout the day. I am prescribed Vyvanse as well as I am extremely ADHD. Ritalin and Adderall both make anxiety unbearable, but the Vyvanse I don't really feel a spike in anxiety most the time. Been on Vyvanse over a year, and usually only take it every other day, like school days, some work as well. I have been reading about a few in the same type as phenibut? Read it's addicting like xanax? I took xanax for 5 years, and never suffered withdrawals as I only took it as needed, I had a real drug habit before on Coke and don't want to ever go through that again. I see good things in here. I have been eating ten times more healthy the last few months, try to get a normal sleep routine, though it's difficult in the service industry and school full time.

mark Says:

My new G.P doctor wont prescribe me xanax or any benzo. even though i showed my g.p an empty tub off 100 am in scotland uk.


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